GRRRRRRRR! update for ya'll on my daughter.

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  • flipper

    AUSSIE OZ- I'm so glad your daughter has you to support her emotionally, physically, and in any other way. Your ex-wife and her JW husband are absolute jerks. I went through a similar thing when my son Flipper Jr. turned 18. My JW ex-wife kicked him out of the house because he wouldn't attend meetings and he had a non-Witness girlfriend. So I welcomed him with open arms to live with me. Which he did up until Mrs. Flipper and I married .

    The WT society trains and creates these Witnesses to be coldhearted robots with no humanity or compassion whatsoever. Even towards their own flesh and blood. It's disgusting. Your daughter is better off getting away from those freakish parental figures ! What in the hell is your ex-wife even thinking not allowing your daughter to come get her belongings ? Especially her clothes ! That is so inhumane and barbaric ! Wish I lived near you and I'd go over with you and I guarantee your daughter would get her belongings. I'd like to see the stepfather try stopping us ! Bastard ! Hang in there bro. We're with you. Give our best to your daughter, O.K. ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Leave her stuff there so that they have to deal with it and live with their actions.

    As long as they don't hand it over, you guys can use it for psychological warfare, character assassination, anti-Witnessing, etc..

  • ziddina
    "She needs to return to the house with a police officer- I'll bet they won't stop her from getting her personal stuff when law enforcement arrives- just explain to police that you are in fear of your personal safety and you want a police officer present. Some of the crazy stuff JWs do needs to be on video-- " Moshe, page 1

    I third Moshe's idea, though I suspect you'll need some sort of court order to carry that out...

    Sending positive thoughts to you and your daughter, Aussie Oz!

    ayers rock

  • smiddy

    Hey, you got the daughter Oz ,thats a bonus, she`s away from the influence of a cult, that`s a bonus , I really hope things work out for the better for both of you .


  • sizemik

    Glad to hear of your daughters move Oz.

    This sets a good example for your younger ones . . . what the eldest sibling does creates a powerful impression. Like you said . . . they (the dopes) are helping things along nicely. A few dollars now will seem a small price to pay when the others follow the same path out.

  • MrFreeze

    Sheesh, who would have thought such a loving religion would breed such hateful dispositions? Hoping for the best for your daughter.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    well peoples, we went shopping for a bunch of new basics including school iniform stuff. oh, and coffee and cheescake.

    Right now she is a pretty good frame of mind, the missing her siblings is much reduced and her anger/upset last night was more to do with the stepfathers actions. She is very aware of just what he has demonstrated.

    She knows she can see her mother again, who hinted at seeing her in 2 weeks, so i am guessing she wants the old every second weekend thing...but i cant see daughter wanting to sleep over for a while seeing as she cant stand the stepdad in the same room. They run a shop and she had to visit them at the shop, they locked her out of the house! She managed to climb thru a window and pack a bag ready but got sprung when she went to pick it up as he wouldnt let her out of his sight.

    I agree on her documenting all this and i have raised to possibility of police action if her money is not coughed up in the next 30 days. As for her other effects she is going to try to smuggle bits out if she can, what cant be, i will gladly replace and let them have their pathetic 'victory'. There is not really any need for a custody arrangement at her age, no court will rule on a 15 1/2 year olds dwelling. If her being here was challenged all she has to do is tell the police her wishes and they will walk away. I do think a police report is a good idea, again, documentation.

    I have no respect or regard for the man, i feel pity for her mother who may be 'obeying' her husband and letting her daughter be lost to her. But that is her load and burden to carry. On her head be it. I have thought of ways to 'punish' them but I will not, i will demonstrate to my children that returning hurt for hurt is not the way. The only repurcussions will be whatever must happen legally if at all, such as child support matters and social security etc. I don't want any bridges burnt for my girl from my end, they are burning enough of them as it is it would seem. Hopefully she will stay in contact with her syblings and be able to tell them when it is time.

    Today marks what i hope is the start of a new chapter for my daughter, the locking out and the whole denying her from taking her stuff is the act of the 'kicking out' the step father wanted to do. That was pretty definite closure of a door for her i think.

    Thankyou all for the love and support, the kind words and suggestions. I will take all of them on board and see what transpires from here on...


  • flipper

    Way to go Aussie Dad ! You are teaching your daughter valuable life lessons and at the same time drawing her close to you with respect for you. You are handling this in a very smart , wise manner. Keep the great work up guy ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Quandry

    I am so sorry your family is going through this time. How confusing for your daughter! This man is not her father...he is not feeling any love for her, only his authority as "head of the house" and feels that if she ignores his rules he will punish her by not allowing her to have her personal things.

    I do have to agree with those who state that the police need to be involved in getting her stuff. If she sneaks over to the house she could be accused of breaking and entering a dwelling. If anything turned up missing, they could accuse her.

    You said;

    I have refrained from saying anything negative about the mother all those years, but when kids get older, they come asking questions that need truthful answers...

    Please tread carefully. No matter how old, a daughter loves her mother and can be hurt at any age. Sometimes my parents used me as a sounding board to say bad things about each other-I was an adult, but it hurt, and I wanted them to stop. Please don't ever make her deal with that.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Aussie Oz,

    So, their idea of retreiving child-rearing expenses is by keeping her undies, school uniform, One Direction CD, and other teen girl stuff? Seriously? Seriously, can you pay an electric bill with a slightly used tube of Clearasil and some socks?

    They sure are making your job easy to get the kids out of the grip of the bOrg. What kid would want to stay in that abusive household?

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