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  • tootired2care

    Dude, I understand the difficulty of it all, just recently left the org myself. Here is some good advice that I received a while ago and it has always stuck with me.

    It's better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    sound and literature weren't MS level assignments in my congregation, as long as you had a penis you could do it.

    but seriously, you need an exit plan, slow it down. what's the point in wasting even more time in the troof? get yourself a depression, a burn out or something like that and decline the offer. decrease your field service and stay at home for at least one meeting every week. or at least get there late. if you're in because of the family, do the slow fade.

  • moshe
    I do note from another new poster that a beard won't get you removed.

    I hope mutton chops are OK, too--

  • 3rdgen

    Welcome nochoice! I'm just curious, are you living with your parents or on your own? The easiest way to fade is to move to another cong. preferably out of the same circuit as your family. The ones treating your family poorly will not know or care how active you are in your new hall. The family can save face and you can gradually do less and less. Something to think about no?

  • nochoice

    Wonderful comments. Thank you! I like the idea of an exit plan and eventually slowing down once I have some position and eared a reputation. I also like the idea of taking my immediate family out of the loop and into another congregation and leaving the other family members that are more vulnderable behind after I have a good legacy to leave behind with them. Then I can concentrate on getting my immediate family out of the spell they're under, and work on the others later. I just think it will take a good investment of time to begin that process.

    To that end, I did have a crazy, cray question for the forum. Please pardon me if it should be placed in a new thread title, however, it just looked too crazy to be taken seriously. And it's a serious one. I am really not joking. But you need to be sitting to absorb the shock of the idea, and then truly consider it. Here goes. Assuming I am going to be stuck acting spiritual for a good long while, and knowing that the Servants are the workhorses of the congregation, and assuming I could stomach the hypocracy ... is it at all reasonable to think that becoming and Elder would actually lighten my load? Sorry. Please don't throw tomatoes!

    I ask because I was actually told by the Service Overseer on the phone that if I keep up the good work it will not take the normal amount of time for me to be appointed an Elder. Now I know he could just be talking. However, in our hall, and actually the whole curcuit, the desperation is bad for Elders and Servants equally. So suddenly the Elders are really looking to reccomend a bunch of young men who they would normally not consider at the next CO vist in a couple of weeks. More gossip that the Elders suddenly feel comfortable telling me. With new servants on the way, and the only way to get new Elders is to promote existing Servants, this does make sense. So I truly believe this could be a reality for me within 6 months on the subsequent CO visit.

    I understand it would be the opposite of fading! I understand that many of you worked very hard to go from Elder to Servant to Publisher to Inactive. And there's a good reason for it. But, is there any truth at all to what I percieve, which is that from the standpoint of the investment of time, it's actually better to be an Elder than a Servant?

    Please advise. I am being blinded at the moment by the amazing cache' I would be able to provide for my family.

  • Splash

    Being an elder is more work than being a servant, and the nature of the work is more incompatible with a fader viewpoint.

    You would jeapordize your mental health.


  • moshe

    Something tells me your planned "fake legacy" as an elder will backfire on you in the end, when the real truth comes out- and it will.

  • afreeman

    My vote for the easiest job goes to Territories. I'm the territory servant in my congregation (I'm not a MS, though) and I don't do jack shit. I just hand territory cards to those who ask me for one and get them back when they're done working it. I'm supposed to keep track of who has which territory, but I just make stuff up when the CO visit is nearing.

  • AnonJW

    TMS assistant – there is no such job officially? Is it listed anywhere?

    My understanding is that the TMS overseer handled the schedule and conducted the main (larger) school etc. He has no assistant. However, an assistant would be provided should a second school also be running(usually an elder). In that case being the school asst. wouldn't be one of the easier jobs to be handed.

  • RubaDub

    My understanding is that the TMS overseer handled the schedule and conducted the main (larger) school etc. He has no assistant.

    I don't know if it's official position or not but I did it for over 3 years (as I detailed in my earlier comments above) and it was stressful and you are on the hot seat every week. We have had one in our congregation for as long as I can remember.

    I guess a lot depends on the congregation but the "assistant" made the schedule, made sure that everyone who had a part was at the meeting (for both Schools, we have 2) , got the council slips before the meeting, handed them back after the meeting, gave out the school assigment slips and when someone did not show up, either find a volunteer to give the talk or in many cases, just do it yourself.

    I would have taken the magazine job any day.

    Rub a Dub

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