New MS - Looking for the "better" job

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    If you want it easy, go for territories. If you want to make a profit, go for accounts servant.

    Accounts servants is fairly easy I think if you're good with a computer. I just knocked everything in at once every month (1h of work) and a spreadsheet did all the calculations and then I just printed it out - finished. Never any discrepancies although the CO did complain that he couldn't verify that I did it every week because there was no written record. You don't even have to deal with anyone and if you have a simpleton as assistant you could even have the funds for world-wide work disappear.

    I would say myself, avoid magazines like the pest. Because you HAVE to do that at the KH and inventory hundreds of books and magazines every so often (every 3 months) and deal with complaints about why their special orders they placed last meeting isn't in yet. On the other hand, you could also maintain a hand in the influx of 'aspiritual food' as I did, before I left I regularly destroyed hundreds of pamphlets and magazines.

    They're all mind-numbing stupid jobs that anyone could do so you're kind of stuck. I myself would've just refused the MS appointment, let them deal with their own shit.

  • NVR2L8

    Sound and attendant are great...did it both at the KHall and conventions...accounts and literature before simplification were the worst. Having to be the last to leave and being under the scrutiny of the CO who is trying to find the slightest shit for sending $0.11to WWW instead of the KHall Fund...Damned pennies from kids...

  • Sapphy

    Half assed mini-serv & half assed elder probably have the same demands time-wise.

    If you get one of the 5 elder positions though forget it, you'll be busy.

  • NewYork44M

    I was account servant for many many years. I kind of liked it. You learn a lot about the wa the organization runs by following the money.

    It was not too hard and did not take a lot of time.

  • Balaamsass

    Sound and attendant is the best. With the Parking patrols for apostates you even get to ditch meetings!!

    If you become an Elder THEN an Apostate...they will hunt you like a rabid dog. If you get dragged into judicial meetings and veto Dfing by Nazi Elders they will be onto you ASAP. Standing up for Molest victims, Rape victims, Domestic Abuse Victims will all get you outed ASAP. Telling sisters to call 911 on their Elder husbands who are beating them....HATED.

    You must be crazy. Move halls and help your family fade if you love them. Get busy LIVING.

  • nochoice

    Thank you everyone so much for your thoughts. It's been a bit of a whirlwind the last few days. I was made Literature Servant after all. And from all of the comments, I now know that's about the best choice if I have to have an official job.

    From Moshe: Something tells me your planned "fake legacy" as an elder will backfire on you in the end, when the real truth comes out- and it will.
    You're right. I can see that already. Some of the friends are starting to say things like they hope I stick with it and they hope I am really serious this time, etc. So, I will only hurt my family more the higher up I go to land this legacy. If I took some special joy in pulling the wool over the Elder Body's eyes because I was going to cause some damage, I might be able to do it. But there is no joy in allowing myself to be assimilated.

    From Splash: Being an elder is more work than being a servant, and the nature of the work is more incompatible with a fader viewpoint. You would jeapordize your mental health.
    I can see this already. I can only barely tolerate the elders now. If I get to the point where I am one of them in the back room, I couldn't possibly maintain a double life so out of sinc with my true feelings. And after your comment, I started really observing and chatting with some of the elders to see how much time they really dedicate. In the end, I see your point. They do spend more time. The Servants might be more the slave boys, but the real time is the elders. Even those without titles - COBE, WT conductor, TMS Overseer, Secretary - are still doing Hospital Liason work, Prison Witnessing, RBC, etc. At the very least, I will still have to be at all the meetings like I already am PLUS attend Elder's meetings.

    And everyone on the board, thank you again so much for the comments and advice. The real depression now begins.

  • jgnat

    I was going to say you were answering your own question. When you listed all the negatives, but... you already knew.

    It reminds me of a conversation I had with with a young man who asked, besides the bad neighbourhood and the exposure to smoking, gambling, drugs, what exactly is wrong with playing a little pool?

    Nothing, I replied, except for those things you just mentioned. (smile)

  • lrkr

    No way- Sound and attendant was the best. Relieved the boredom of being at the meeting.

  • nochoice

    Thank you jnat. When you talk out your decisions regarding WT stuff, you usually do answer your own questions because playing devil's advocate is so easy to do with the WT society! And anything negative that you can think of will usually come true. When you're in, the best case scenarios that can be applied to the elders or the servants or regular friends never happen!

    Irkr I WISH I could play DJ. But unfortunately in our hall, they leave that as an "entry level" position. The first thing they'll allow you to do is carry a mic. Then you're moving up in the world if they let you sit behind the board. That's after you're given a #3 talk. Then comes closing prayer on a service meeting. Then comes WT reader and CBS reader. That's the corporate ladder in my hall anyway!

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