New MS - Looking for the "better" job

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    I'm really out there on my own with accounts being ok, aren't I?

    Really, it's not that bad! I did it for years, even doing all the accounts for a full kingdom hall build! It added up to the penny! There is one downside I remember now - when it's summer holiday season there's no telling what foreign coins end up in the boxes because the brothers have no use for them anymore, and think you can do something with a Canadian 10 cent coin or 25 Euro cents.

    OK, Hall Servant: Organized to do Jehovahs Will p. 56:

    "There is much work to be done in maintaining the Kingdom Hall and keeping it clean, so Ministerial Servants are often called upon to assist in caring for these responsibilities. Ministerial servants are also assigned to serve as attendants, to welcome new ones, and to help maintain order at congregation meetings."

    So if your elders don't have this organised yet, point out their oversight and volunteer to manage this.


  • Sapphy

    Accounts is awful, it's usually given to the most senior MS, or at least the MS who is most numerate or has a numerate wife... Accounts servant is a stepping stone to elderdom too, if you do it well.

    Map servant is OK, magazine servant is OK too. You should just aim at being happily incompetent at whatever assignment youre give so that youre not asked to take on extra. Appear to be happy & eager but useless.

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    Sapphy, you're quite right. It was that stepping stone. Good observation!!

    I still think being an assistant to an MS is probably the lightest effort there is. Assistant to the Lit servant???

  • straightshooter

    The magazines are the easiest if the BOE does not insist that one stand behind the counter. Just place a group of magazines on the the counter and walk away.

    The accounts are the most time consuming. I never liked doing territory, sound, or literature because of the time involved and the hassles when things don't go right during a co visit.


    Hey Bro,

    Have you already been appointed? If so, did they ask you the three required questions frm the FLOCK book? I have sealed my fate, I asked too many questions about procedures and questioned the Holy Spirits involvment in appointments. Looks like I won't be in your shoes anytime soon!!!! YAYYY !!!!!!!

  • konceptual99

    Mag servant has got even easier recently as now the magsx are not sorted into publisher orders. There's just a pile and you take what you want as you need it. This is so that people don't have a massive order which then does not get used.

    So the mag servant just unpacks the delivery pretty much.

  • konceptual99

    yet more of the same advice- shoulda read the thread first...

  • sizemik

    Welcome nochoice . . .

    Settle in awhile.

  • konceptual99

    and in the vein of giving out the same info as others.....


    Did it for years. My qualifications....?

    I have glasses. And was not a window cleaner. And could write. And count to 10 without my swallowing my tounge. Other than that I had absolutely no better qualifications than anyone else. I was terrrible at it for years but never got moved as no one else wanted it.

    Somehow I have managed to remain a mini without actually doing any jobs for years now.

    Was on the hall team. Kept turning up last minute.

    Was on sound. Same gig.

    Was on talks/hospitality. Didn't phone anyone up.

    I do token ministry so don't get asked to assist with a FS group. Sound be out ringing bells now. But I am here.

    I do get talks. Thanks to being able to string more than 3 sentances together. Gutted there are no more announcements. That was my favourite. No prep, talk off the cuff, use a bit of humour. Best of the lot. Having said that, it had been going downhill for a while thanks to the regular slotting in of a demo. My approach there - just didn't do it. Talk about the mags then say there's a last minute glitch, or just say nothing. No one ever says anything.

    How do I remain in this position of uber service? Dunno. I used to care about it and want to try my best. Now I think it's a game and just want to play it better than the elders. Of course it's going to catch up with me. For the moment however it suits my fading into the background to have a badge of protection. I will come off but at a time of my choosing.

    Tested as to fitness? That is a pile of great steaming pig dung in my case.

  • nochoice

    Thank you everyone for the responses! I wish I could fade. Unfortunately, in this terrible, terrible organization, my family was being treated with disrespect because of my attitude. That's why I had to do the 180 degree turn and juice up the look of my loyalty. Sad to say, it worked. When I was named MS, my family started to get congrats and kudos on my behalf. When I was being "used" more and more they were treated with dignity. It's funny how "used" is the only JW Theocratic term that's actually appropriate! I am now in a vicious cycle. I know I cannot do it forever, but reading the many, many posts on here, I know there are many others stuck in. I am not sure if I am the only one looking to "advance" instead of "fade" due to neccesstiy. There might be a time when my family (and we're talking many people) can get thier dignity back independent of me, and I can fade, at least from duties. Then I can make use of the great amount of fading advice on this board!

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