Heading soccer balls, wearing designer clothes, and driving hybrid vehicles - all condemned in the latest Awake

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  • tresdecu

    Sorry, Didn't want to sound too critical...that was just the first thing that popped into my mind when I opened your topic the 1st time. No worries. I agree, soccer is great exercise....my kid will be playing next year when he's old enough. I will encourage him all through school to play any sport he wants...and live vicariously through him since I didn't get to when I was in school!

    You're right though, even though it may not be actually condemed...the wording about all sports has a negative spin. I think most witnesses (that want to play anyway) ignore this type of stuff very easily. Heck 90% probably won't even see it, since most don't read the mags anyway ;-)

  • cedars


    Sorry, Didn't want to sound too critical...

    No problem, I agree with you! I'm also delighted that your son will be giving soccer a go. It's not for everyone, but if he's remotely into sports there's a very good chance he'll enjoy it immensely.


  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    The risk of injury due to heading a soccer ball is minimal.

    The WT has simply leaped on this article knowing full well that patriarchal daddies will use this as an excuse to stop their kids playing football. Remember, most matches will be at weekends (preaching time!) and will involve at least one parent being unavailable for door to door work due to the parent being occupied in caring and waiting for their child while he plays his game.

    It's just the same old same old spoilsport Watchtower Society.

  • hijosdelawatch

    So what I gather from the article is that the Governing Bother members of our Beloved Mother Organization have been playing soccer a lot. At least, some of them present some symptons.

  • BluesBrother

    Like others here, I have suffered enough at the hands of the misguided "advice" from the WTS... . But I feel that to say that "The criteria for surviving Armageddon just got tighter " as the O P did , is pushing things a little too far.

    [Edited the post because, on reflection I do not want to be critical of Cedars who does great work...]

    My experience within the Org. was that they may take these kind of comments as good advice, but certainly not as hard and fast rules.

    Mind you...The Armageddon pic was totally heartless , showing men women and children marching to their doom as being incorrigibly "Wicked"..Children? I ask you!

  • cedars

    Thanks BluesBrother, I do appreciate the friendly advice. I will try to keep this in mind when posting future threads. I will say this though - I could well imagine many Witnesses TREATING this information as though it represents new rules. For example, I can imagine some of the stricter parents stumbling on the thing about headers and thinking, "That's it! One more reason why young Jimmy shouldn't be playing soccer with his friends!" Some may balk, but I can think of Witness parents from my past who would have reacted in precisely that way.

    I can also imagine some of the more judgmental brothers and sisters turning their noses up at those who drive hybrid cars or wear designer clothes after reading this material. It may not have been presented as hard and fast rules, but if you're going to run a manipulative cult that encourages people to think in an overly strict and judgmental way, you must know full well when you're writing that what you say will be received and acted upon by many in a stricter way.


  • elderelite

    I also susspect there is a direct correlation between heading soccer balls, losing brain cells and hating thor. Just sayin.

  • cedars

    elderelite - I susssspect you might be right!


  • elderelite

    Blues, i would point out that every active witness knows there is no such thing as a "suggestion" from the society. Its all rules no matter how it was stated.

  • Finkelstein

    And you know you'd never suffer any head trauma if you were to spend time in service, publicly distributing are published goods.

    More than likely the wearing designer cloths came from a guy who saw people in a Hall wearing quality clothing and since he lives in

    Bethel and cant afford clothing like that, he had to turn it a guilt trip for those who can.

    Typical JW arrogance mixed with loathing jealousy directed at a few.

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