Heading soccer balls, wearing designer clothes, and driving hybrid vehicles - all condemned in the latest Awake

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  • respectful_observer

    The issue of hybrid cars and pedestrian safety has actually been in the news for a while now. Many major cities now mandate that all the licensed taxis be hybrids. With the increase in hybrids in cities (which by their nature have many more pedestrians), has come an increase in accidents-- especially incidences of blind pedestrians being struck. They tend to rely on listening for oncoming cars, so between the quietness of a hybrid and the background noise of the city, quite a few have been hit.


    I've even seen close calls in parking lots where the pedestrian doesn't realize a car is even running (because the hybrid is sitting there silently), happens to walk behind it and suddenly the driver starts backing up.

  • Prefect

    I love my Prius.

  • cofty

    The dangers of heading is minimal in a normal game. Coaches ought to be aware of the risks when it comes to training especially for children. Little ones should always be using a size 3 or 4 ball and only practice heading for short periods.

    I have a disc missing from my neck so I get some pain if I do big defensive headers.

  • Quendi

    LOL @ 00DAD. And rather be in hades’ remark reminded me of what someone said about the guy who fell to his death out of a high building. “It wasn’t the fall that killed him. It was the sudden change in direction.”


  • Quendi

    I agree with cofty that the dangers of heading are minimal in a normal soccer game. I think the concern for many is the repeated impacts over a long span of time. Could that cause brain damage? I wonder if anyone has done a study on this.


  • james_woods

    Back on the Hybrids - it is thought that inevitably some sort of "sound effect device" will be legislated to simulate a running IC engine.

    In a related subject - the Tesla sports car was criticized as being "too quiet" for a sports car, and such a device was (and is) being considered.

  • slimboyfat

    I agree with them about heid the baw.

  • undercover

    The heading the ball report... the hybrid car is too quiet report... those are old news. I've read similar reports on each of those stories elsewhere sometime ago.

    On one hand, it's nothing to get worked up about. They picked up the report somewhere and reworked it for their magazines. Face it, Awake! isn't going to scoop anyone on anything. So if you see some kind of "news" in an Awake! you can be assured it's already been reported elsewhere.

    On the other hand - it is interesting that most of these little reports are negative. Instead of focusing on how electric and hybrid cars can help ease your fossil fuel issues, they focus on the negative aspect of it... that some lame brain pedestrian who doesn't look both ways before stepping out in the street is going to meet a Prius head-on. That Toyota logo imprint on your backside should teach ya...

    I'm surprised they don't bitch more about the limited battery of some of those vehicles. Can you imagine trying to go out in a full day of service in one of those, if you forgot to charge the battery the night before? "The world is ending soon brother. Do not try to save the environment by buying one of those. Jehovah will take care of that. You stick with the tried and true internal combustion engine. We need you focusing on your service."

  • james_woods
    it is interesting that most of these little reports are negative. Instead of focusing on how electric and hybrid cars can help ease your fossil fuel issues, they focus on the negative aspect of it...

    And if they were really up with the times (and on a serious negative aspect of hybrid/electrics), they would be asking what will happen to the worn-out batteries with their concentrations of environmentally hazardous waste.

  • darthfader

    The real point of the article is to further impress the need to "be no part of the world".. Stand out and sacrifice yourself and any possible joy because this life is not valuable.

    Any real meaty articles (Like James mentions in the post above) don't cater to that philosophy.

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