Heading soccer balls, wearing designer clothes, and driving hybrid vehicles - all condemned in the latest Awake

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  • hamsterbait

    jane Fonda says "wealth doesnt mean a thing"

    How many rich people have said that. Even King Solomon.

    They are not exactly stampeding to give their money and possessions away are they? neither is the witchtower Society giving away so much as a penny.


  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Thx again Cedars. The messages they send are very subtle by passing them off as news. The first one about heading the ball will likely have parents fearing damage to their kids if they participate in sports. We were always cautioned about doing any activity that may result in injury or death because it showed a lack of appreciation for life. Jehovah doesn't like that you know. lol

    That second picture is insulting to women. For one thing look at the disproportionate size of their mouths when compared to the rest of their heads. Plus men also wear designer clothes. Typical Watchtower stereotyping.

    The last one made me laugh. Oh the evil Hybrid. Wouldn't want to incur bloodguilt by accidently hitting someone. I think they just don't want you driving such a small car. I mean, how many Dubs could you shoe horn into it for service.


  • Nambo

    Actually, they are, or at least were, correct about the dangers of heading a soccer ball, except both they and the recent research are 40 years out of date, I remember this being addressed at least 40 years ago, back then however, footballs were footballs, not the ballons they have now where the slightest kick sends the ball across the pitch, back then balls where made of thick leather and had a rubber bladder inside, when that ball got wet, it weighed a ton and would indeed put a great strain on the brain with constant heading.

    Nowadays I wouldnt think there was hardly such a danger.

    Back then if you could kick that ball across the penalty box your name was Peter Lorimer.

  • Finkelstein

    The many pictures the WTS. uses or very disingenuous and inaccurate to what the real out come of Armageddon is suppose to be,

    such as dead people by the millions lying of the ground while birds and carrion feed on their dead corpses.

    In all truthfulness I wonder why the WTS. doesn't present a picture like that in one of their pieces of literature ?

    This noting of heading of soccer balls causes brain damage is scientifically weak and somewhat speculative , I've never heard of it before.

    Being that soccer is the most widely played sport in the world and has been for decades now, why hasn't there been any medical

    observations or conclusions come forth, particularly upon professional soccer players ????

    As to hybrid vehicles being supposedly more dangerous, is not being completely fair or truthful either, for its the driver of those vehicles that

    you have to weigh against and their driving habits. For example bicycles are noiseless does that make them dangerous to pedestrians ?

  • Finkelstein

    The reason the WTS puts out so mush useless Bullshit is because they want people to think that this world in which we live

    in is so terribly bad, evil and wicked, ..... but wait there's good news !!!!!

    It should be realized that the JWS who write these articles are not intelligent well educated people, they are though brainwashed

    indoctrinated morons who speak the language and thoughts of what the WTS. has imposed onto them.

    Its been their marketing strategy for decades, you could say its their game of which they themselves have made up..

  • Quendi

    I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. Just because something appears in a WTS publication doesn’t mean that those publishing it are ‘brainwashed morons’ and ‘not intelligent and uneducated’. Such name-calling belittles the name-caller and not the target. It says that the accuser has no facts to back the point made but instead believes that an ad hominem attack is the best argument. That certainly applies to this discussion about head injuries and soccer.

    I don’t like the WTS either and I agree that the Society’s publications often give wrong and simple-minded answers to questions that require complex and detailed analysis. But this particular blurb in Awake! does not fall into that category. It turns out there is reason for concern about what effect “heading” might have on a player who engages in it. To be sure, millions play the game and suffer no trauma, injury or other ill effects, but that doesn’t mean there is no risk at all. I found these two websites which discuss the question in a rational and balanced way.



    Could it be, as much as some may want to believe otherwise, that in this particular case someone on the Awake! staff did a little research on this? The WTS is fond of shooting first and asking questions later. Let’s not fall into the same trap.


  • ziddina
    "Their concern is that HEV's seem relatively quieter and may not emit the sounds that pedestrians and bicyclists rely on for warning as [a] behicle approaches them..." OP

    Hee hee hee heeeeee....

    Just stick playing cards in the wheel spokes....

  • ziddina


    They're mentioning the risk of "heading" in soccer, but have they dedicated as much print to the dangers of holding cell phones up to the ear instead of using an earpiece or Bluetooth™ ??

  • ziddina
    "whatever happened to looking both ways before you cross a street?..." Rather be in hades, page 1

    They're all too busy tweeting, texting or watching movies on their 'smart' phones as they walk around...

  • mP

    truth is all sports should be banned by JWs, as they originate as exercise and practice for war. Its more obvious in the track and field events, javelin, running, jumping, shot put and so on. Just saying.

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