Heading soccer balls, wearing designer clothes, and driving hybrid vehicles - all condemned in the latest Awake

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  • cedars

    rather be in hades

    i've heard there was a soccer player who developed a helmet of some sort. i do think that should be used.

    Thanks for your comment! Are you referring to Petr Cech? If so, that was rather different. Cech is a goalkeeper and had a nasty collision with another player resulting in a serious head injury. For this reason, he wears a protective helmet. It had nothing to do with heading.

    There are pros and cons to any competitive sport. I enjoy playing soccer, and maybe only two or three times in a game are you called upon to head the ball. In fact, depending on what position you play, you can easily go the whole game without heading the ball. I don't think worrying about damaging a few cells here or there should put people off participating (which is clearly the aim of this small article), but it's obviously a personal choice.



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  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    first sport i played competitively was soccer lol.

    mind you i was 4 hahaha. this was before the days of the cult that put the nix to my days playing sports. nfortunately, those bastards killed it for me. had i not been in it i would have played baseball (got to play tee-ball yay me <eyeroll>), american football, your kind of football ;), and even basketball.

    Headers can lead to brain damage, scientists warn

    i definitely am an advocate for people playing sports. i'm definitely an advocate for soccer. to go 90 minutes with nary a break in play is juust crazy tlk lol. gotta be fit for that and that's a good thing.

    i do advocate wearing helmets to prevent as much damage as possible. that helmet the gk has on doesn't look bad at all. if i were playing, i'd certainly wear one.

    course i'm a geek so all i AM is a brain lol

    if i'm gonna damage it, i'd rather it be from this:


  • cedars

    rather be in hades - yes there's nothing wrong with wearing a helmet if you feel safer when it comes to protecting those grey cells. You probably have more to lose than me! lol


  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    or i might not have enough to lose hahaha

    it's funny how everyone looks so damn happy despite their nonbelieving families and friends just being destroyed with buildings collapsing on top of them. sociopaths much?

    i dare say, the designer clothing thing is laughable. being from san diego, i'd dare the gb to go check out any of the congregations in la jolla, or to migle with the minions at the convention...namely gate f lmfao

    nice catch about the "what" and not "who"

    here's a hybrid that makes PLENTY of noise...

    i'd TOTALLY be down to take that to the store for some groceries

    need a bigger trunk though

  • therevealer

    Patricia-When I'm stressed, sports, such as jogging, cycling,
    or gymnastics, help me to calm down. Also, I share my feelings
    with my parents or my best friend-people whom I can trust
    and who understand me. Having their support really helps.


  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    whatever happened to looking both ways before you cross a street?

  • Quendi

    I never played soccer or football—gridiron for all you non-Americans—but I have to agree there is risk of brain injury in repeatedly heading a soccer ball. Players of the game may not want to hear that, but as rather be in hades points out, there is growing concern in many quarters about the risks inherent in “collision” sports. This is not to say they should not be played, but that players should be aware of the possibilities.

    Any sport carries the risk of injury with its play, even those with a minimum of body contact like golf. When young people express a desire to participate and play, or they exhibit the ability to do so, I think it is both loving and responsible on the part of parents to talk about the risk factor with their child. Information like that published in Awake! should not be rejected out of hand simply because we don’t like its source. By considering all things, parents and their children can make an informed decision. If the decision is to allow the child to play, then by all means move ahead with that.


  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    “Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.”
    ? Jeremy Clarkson

  • 00DAD

    This gives new meaning to the WTBTS's prohibition on giving head!

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