does the watchtower still believe this?

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  • jam

    Do I see a few mustaches in the picture. The guy playing the

    guitar, or maybe devil cake on his upper lip.

  • tootired2care

    If you believe that gawd wanted a peaceful animal kingdom, then please watch this video and explain how the bible or a "loving" god can rationalize animals of the same kind "by design" waring against each other for territory and resources, when they were never subject to: inherited sin, imperfection, and the influence of Satan.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Uh-oh: you better like wearing gaudy Hawaiian shirts and African wear, and LOTS of pastels.... Goths? Dont see them, do you? Killed in Armageddon. No old people, either.

    I see a few kids, so this must be before the genitals self-destruct and fall off (like a dead toe-nail).

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    At that point, they'd either concede or go into ever more ridiculous thinking ("well, fish don't count" "Why not?" "Because people can't see them kill each other so it wouldn't disrupt Mankind's peace.")

    That must have come from some desert dweller. We often see various forms of sea life scoffing each other around here. Our idea of a great day at the beach is watching killer whales catching stingrays for lunch.

  • jam

    Whats so funny, Adam and Eve in their birthday suits until

    they sin, this picture fully clothe down below the knees.

    We can,t tempt the angeles and go thru that again.

  • panhandlegirl

    tootired2care, thanks for the video. Those animals behave too much like humans for my comfort. They are scarey. Nope, I don't think the WTS has thought all of their teaching through. I wouldn't trust these animals in the new

    order. They may not have gotten the memo (read the wt) about how they are under our control and are supposed to be nice. I read about the chimp that ate/ripped off a woman's face and hands. I hate those animals. Although I

    believe that chimp was acting in accord with his animal instincts, those animals are too dangerous to be around and I don't think they could/would change. I never questioned it when I was a jw, I just accepted it without thinking

    about it. I sure don't believe it now and it does not make sense to me anymore.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    TooTired2Care, those chimp screams are chilling, as the sound of fear and terror speaks in a universal language.

    However, even that footage would likely be dismissed by hardcore JWs as a corruption of animal behavior due to man's corrupting the entire Planet, disrupting the entire system. Just as they point to earthquakes as conclusive proof of how bad things are getting, the "evil" behavior of modern animals can likewise be blamed on Satan.... Sad, but true. Facts and science take a back-seat to Xian faith, and they're not even ashamed of it, but actually are PROUD of it.

  • tootired2care

    Friends, yes there is so much we can learn about gawd from the animal kingdom. I would really encourage you to see that new movie that came out in theaters a few months back - Chimpanzee.

  • tootired2care

    KS - I was once that hardcore JW, i have to believe that if we can expose these people to irrefutable logic they will see the light.

  • steve2

    Since I was not around 6,000 years ago, I guess anything goes - so here goes:

    The poisonous venom of certain species of snakes was designed by our loving creator Jehovah God to render vegetation limp and unlikely to uproot itself and scamper. While a tree can fly, a snake can only slither. Not fair. A decent snake could starve.

    However, due to the rule of Satan in the last few thousand or so years, snakes became accidentally confused about their intended victims and, under Satanic influences, "discovered" its venom paralyzed and fatally wounded assorted animals, including - uh oh! - mankind.

    Yikes! Brothers and sisters we do need the new system to rid the earth not just of wicked mankind, but a wide range of animals and creatures who have been corrupted by Satan to become mean, eating machines.

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