does the watchtower still believe this?

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  • lastchance

    Questions From Readers ? Some animals have characteristics that seem especially suited to killing, such as lions and poisonous snakes. How can this be, if they were all vegetarians at one time?—L. K., Netherlands. It is understandable that this question might arise, for as things stand now many animals do kill one another for food. But please note that this is as things stand now. Is there anyone on the earth who can say from personal observation how these animals acted six thousand years ago? Another thing, is one justified in concluding that the way an animal uses its body today is the only possible way? As an example, a tiger uses its fangs and claws to catch, kill and tear apart other animals. Yet, could not these same fangs and claws be used in tearing apart heavy vegetation and ripping off husks and shells? wt69 9/1 So tigers eat seafood? What type of vegetation needs such teeth?

  • Phizzy

    I don't know if they have commented on this subject since, but they here display their abysmal ignorance, there are carnivores such as Lions that will die on a true veggie diet.

    On what was the teaching that originally all animals were vegetarian based ? just an idea by Mad Freddie Franz ? we know what they were worth.

  • Quendi

    Others are probably in a better position to answer your question than I am. I do remember this same topic being discussed some years ago in an Awake! article which asserted the same thing and then said that nobody could say how things occurred in “the distant past.” I thought the answer then was a cheap cop-out. As far as I know that is still the official position.

    Problems with biblical interpretation and understanding arise when a religion is a fundamentalist one which the WTS brand is. That stance can lead its believers into drawing unsound conclusions or concocting wild theories just to satisfy some religious tenet. I think the example you have cited is another case of this.


  • Splash

    What was that quote about lions in London zoo eating straw during the war?


  • sir82

    That's one of the many doctrinal points they have that is too embarrassing to repeat, and yet too troublesome to refute, so they just don't talk about it any more.

    Also in the same category are the 7000 year-long creative days, the pre-flood water canopy, the King of the North, etc.

  • DesirousOfChange

    RE: does the watchtower still believe this?

    The real question here is: DOES ANYONE ELSE POSSIBLY BELIEVE THIS BS?


  • Phizzy

    They did quote that incident, but note those Lions were not on a veggie only diet and not for long.

    They say in the quote from '69 "who can say from personal observation how these animals acted 6,000 years ago"

    Great question WT, NOT ! (logical fallacy) Science can show beyond doubt that animals were carnivores much longer that 6,000 years ago. So was early man of course, millenia before the fictional Bible Flood, or fictional "Adam".

    Boy, those WT writers should have gotten themselves an education !

  • Phizzy

    DoC is that picture BS or Lions Poo ? Perhaps whatever it is it should carry the warning "May contain nuts", the WT should carry the same warning.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    "who could tell from personal experience what happened 6,000 yrs ago?".

    REALLY, WT? Is THAT the best you can do?

    That's a line of reasoning and rhetoric a 10-yr old should be embarrassed to use!!! At least the serpent was clever when he deceived Eve.

    Phizzy said:

    "Boy, those WT writers should have gotten themselves an education !"

    No, that's not just ignorance from a lack of education, but willful deceit, ignoring of facts to serve an agenda. That's as bad of a lie as it gets...

    And as "impolite" and "arrogant" as it may seem, there is no response to such bald-faced and far-more-arrogant attempts to deceive than to expose the liars to ridicule for even having the conejos to do so....

  • james_woods

    The cheetah was specially engineered by the JW god to run down really fast moving vegatation at 70 mph.

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