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  • You Know
    You Know
    I really can’t see a God of love obliterating billions of humans on the sole basis of the examples I have just said, can you?

    Why do apostates insist on blaming Jehovah for your own stupidity?Your god the Devil is the one who is going to pull the trigger. It's his world and he can do with it what he wants. Jehovah merely allows the Devil to go to a certain length before he intervenes, primarily to shut the mouths of apostate buffoons. It is the absolute perfect end to your world. / You Know

  • TR


    Again, we see the childish reasoning of apostate buffoons who prefer to play make-believe in Fantasy Land by imaging that the situation confronting the world today will somehow go away if you make fun of the person who calls attention to unpleasant realities. We'll see how you deal with reality in the Brave New post-nuclear world. LOL / You Know
    Again, we see YK do exactly what he says other people do. What a dickhead.


    I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.
    --Robert Frost, 1935

  • Englishman
    Why do apostates insist on blaming Jehovah for your own stupidity?

    Why do you insist on talking with them then? You're like a man drunk on Guinness extolling the evils of whisky.


  • Nemesis

    You Know:

    Who said we were in the middle of WWIII. You people like to fool yourselves, don't you?[quote]
    You Know, I didn’t say we were in the middle of WWIII now, you implied that we can easily be there by your following words:
    [quote] This is an extremely ominous development, because at this point now the Anglo-American establishments’ own intelligence apparatus can stage a provocation and blame it on any nation they chose to, and then simply, literally, blow them away...Of course, they know that as soon as one nuke gets detonated, no matter how far removed the mushroom cloud is from the West, that the ensuing panic and terror would cause a complete and utter collapse of the already disintegrating global financial system.

    You have ignored Jesus’ words about life carrying on as normal when he arrives—he said it would come when you least expect it—not in the middle of a man made apocalypse!
    And please don’t say, “You people like to fool yourselves, don't you?” I am not a “you people” I’m a Christian, and live on my own merit, not by a group's claims, please stop generalizing.

  • hillary_step


    A while ago I asked a question or two of you on another thread that dealt with NYT's deactivation, but it fell off the front page and was buried.

    I am posting that message again as I sincerely would like to know your feelings about this matter:


    I do agree with you that many things are said on this forum to deliberately outrage people like yourself who have a faith in the God of the Bible.

    Like yourself, I repudiate this behavior as it approaches a cowardly bullying more suited to the prison yard than a forum established to discuss among other things dissenting views of the WTS.

    You must however concede that the fundamentalist ranting of some posters who are here to preach at, not to present a reasoned exploration of their faith, is rather like sticking a target over ones heart.

    Many people come to this forum looking for an answer to questions of spirit rather than questions of science. Many find that against the rigors of the practiced non-believers their faith fails very quickly. Why do you seem unable, as a ‘spirit anointed Son Of God’ to help in any way with their crisis of faith?

    I have noticed that you seldom is ever tackle the topics on this forum that are leading JW’s to paths of atheism. Why is this? Surely a person of your obvious intellect could well throw up a protective spiritual barrier to these ‘lost’ and ‘losing’ souls by focusing on basic issues, rather than detailed exploration of prophecies that are at the end of the day *all* matter of opinion.

    NYT, did not fall into any of the categories discussed above. I hope Robert that you are not trying to defend the behavior of a JW who encourages a son to commit a obscene act with his own mother and laughs at the misfortunes of others.

    I should distance myself from such social debris lest you become tainted by association.

    Kindest regards, as ever - HS

  • You Know
    You Know

    BORGFREE says:

    What I do not understand about your position, is how and why, you can trust the Watchtower Society.

    I don't necessarily trust the Watchtower, in that I am not counting on the Watchtower being there for the brothers during crunch time. In the event of a financial collapse I can't see how the Watchtower will be able to remain in business. But, I do believe that the Watchtower has given us the basis for putting faith in Jehovah. We have been prepared by Jehovah's faithful slave to be cast into the fiery crucible, but whether each ones faith will hold up under test remains to be seen.

    The Watchtower Society was built on a foundation of sand, you know the parable. Russell built the foundations on the great pyramid, the shape of a mans head, miracle wheat, and way too many stupid teachings to list here.
    That's nonsense. The Watchtower has always advocated our putting faith in Jehovah's kingdom. Obviously, though, many JW's were mere followers of men. Apostates were evidently mere men followers, otherwise your faith wouldn't have cracked.

    Rutherford continued the building with his nonsence, boozing, two 12 cylinder Cadillacs, Beth Sarim, 1925, etc, etc.
    LOL. I think it's safe to say that you shallowed the apostate's spiel hook, line, and sinker.

    Not only has the Watchtower Society been built on a foundation of sand but has continued to be constructed using inferior building materials. By now you should know that. How many false prophecies, lies, corruption, and false teachings does it take before you finally look to God instead of an organization?
    There is every reason to believe that your reasoning is very similar to the Devil's. In fact I am quite certain that since the Devil is THE APOSTATE, that nthose who are his underlyings merely mouth his thoughts and accusations. So, it is without question Satan's contention that all of Jehovah's Witnesses can be broken. He thought so of the 12 apostles and that's why Jesus told Peter that Satan had demended to have them to sift them as wheat. We have apparently reached the point in modern times where Jehovah is going to allow Satan to sift and shake us. The tribulation is going to sort all of this out. When the Watchtower goes down each of us who presently call ourselves Jehovah's Witnesses will have to demonstrate under the most trying circumstance whether we actually trust Jehovah God or whether our faith was in men.

    It took me way too long, my prayer for you, is that you don't take so long. You are exposed daily to evidence on this forum, evidence you cannot deny that the Watchtower Society is a lie and has always been. Leave!
    I have been exposed to the apostasy for many years. And I can say unhesitatingly that you have nothing to offer me. My faith beats your apostasy any day, as I consistently prove. However, during the tribulation, when as Jesus said, we see the disgusting thing standing in the holy place, then I will leave. / You Know
  • LB

    remember Simon's words

    please don't feed the troll

    I've broken those rules too many times

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • borgfree

    You Know,

    I am sorry I must hurry to get ready for work so I cannot give this the time I would like right now, but I have to say just a couple of things before leaving.

    You say:

    There is every reason to believe that your reasoning is very similar to the Devil's. In fact I am quite certain that since the Devil is THE APOSTATE, that nthose who are his underlyings merely mouth his thoughts and accusations.
    I want to state from the start that I claim nothing for myself and certainly am unqualified for many things, but for your sake, I would remind you of the words of Jesus. The scribes and Pharisees said that He did His works by the power of Satan. Jesus warned them about the danger of sinning against the Holy Spirit.

    I am a believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ. I do my best to promote His interests. There are many scriptures to show that Jesus is God, that is where you and I differ greatly. I know those scriptures have been quoted here many times and it seems needless for me to look up a list of those scriptures. Why does all of this not seem to make you question the teachings of the WT?

    Have you ever looked up the scripture and the footnote at 1Thess. 4:16 where by the WTs own bible they show that Jesus is Jehovah?

    I must run, sorry, maybe later.


    "Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." Lao-tzu
  • joelbear

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses the only group who has prepared their faith well enough to withstand the oncoming onslaught?

    They are certainly not the only group expecting the end and praying for the end to come.

    Isn't faith in God the key, not adherence to a printing corporation?


  • SYN

    Well, I think that YouKnow is a brilliant spoof. His mastery of WTBTS doctrine is amazing, and he always managed to twist our words or evade our most cutting replies somehow. I'm actually amazed he's still going as strong as he is, and I think he does provide a nice Borgified viewpoint to things. It's people like YouKnow who remind me of what I once was, and I'm glad for it in a way. YouKnow is probably just as apostate as us, except he has fun with it, and the thing is, we always take the bait, without fail. I have yet to see one of YouKnow's proclamations fail to generate a giant flame war. Give the guy some credit!

    YouKnow, I'd love to see your excuse for the antics of the founders of the BOrganization. Watching you tenderly step around [i]this[/o] minefield is gonna be fun, that's for sure...hehe!

    The earlier in the forenoon you take the sun bath, the greater will be the beneficial effect, because you get more of the ultra-violet rays, which are healing. - The Golden Age

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