Relationship Issues: Boundaries, Freedom of Choice and Codependency

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  • millie210
    Thanks Oub, this looks like a good thread to read!
  • Oubliette
    Hi Millie. I think you'll appreciate it very much. I'd love to know your thoughts and insights on this subject. It's very important to every one, but particularly current- and ex-JWs.
  • jp1692

    Bumpin' it for the newbies!

  • LongHairGal

    I am very glad to see this thread about Boundaries resurrected and to read my posts from eight years ago... I’m further along in my ‘Fade’ so unpleasant experiences in the Witness religion (as a single woman fending off Users) are fading from memory..which is as it should be.

    But I have to say that the issue of No Boundaries in the Witness religion is very real and NOW more important than ever. From what I have learned on this forum and others, they have gone overboard in overstepping boundaries. With Zoom meetings people are expected to dress up in their own living room to be seen on live video. In effect, their homes are extensions of the kingdom hall. Also, in recent years they have asked intrusive questions of people with regard to income to determine how much $ they should contribute to the religion, etc.. I would never tolerate this since I was criticized for having a full-time job! Good thing I never listened or I wouldn’t be Retired now.

    A lot has happened in the almost twenty years I walked away from the religion. I thought it was bad then. It is worse now.

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