Has anyone heard of "Secret Disfellowshipping" by Jehovah's Witnesses? Menlo Park Ca. Congregation. Update.

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  • Balaamsass

    No doubt everyone has been following the Juan Viejo postings regarding the Watchtower Kingdom Hall "Grab" on JWN for the last couple of years. Nine months ago a Silicon Valley J.W. called the Mrs and me to say "Wow- you have to google this" We did...came here to JWN ...became members..and the rest is history.

    In the last nine months I have been calling and emailing contacts in the Silicon Valley for verification on the Societies theft and forced sale of the Menlo Park Kingdom Hall (Near the new Facebook Heaquarters) because the story seemed...a little far fetched. Every reliable contact I made has confirmed what Juan reported. Even long time Silicon Valley Elders not involved with the case in neighboring congregations confirmed the events and players.

    The Plaintiffs, John Cobb, Jason Cobb and Arlen St Clair were disfellowshipped two weeks ago. I was told 2 brothers were disfellowshiped secretly in Absentia by elders a few towns north of Menlo Park upon direct orders of the Service Dept. Not even by a congregation they attended.

    I was also told they were only offered an Appeal staffed by the Elders who were the Defendants on the embezzlement lawsuit E....e B. ...e

    The charge: "Speaking injurously of glorious ones"- who...."The Circuit Overseer named in the Lawsuit." (P... K.... Relative of E.... B...... -the elder with a shady past named in the lawsuit )

    About six months ago the above Elders were removed and a secret letter was sent to all the bodies of elders in the area by the service desk that they had removed the 3 brothers and if they showed up in any local halls they were not to be called on for ANYTHING or informed that the letter existed.

    Has anyone ever heard of "Secret Marking" or "Secret Disfellowshipping in absentia" before?

    Not only are official WTBTS policies crazy....the unofficial policies are crazier. Seems the Governing Body has "pierced the Corporate Veil" in this case and left themselves entirely open to any and all litigation.

  • clarity

    Balaam ... thanks so much for this information!

    One thing this whole cult debacule has taught me, is that even when

    a person or an organization looks so good on the surface ...beware of the rot

    that may be underneath!

    Don't know of these underhanded goings on personally, but am not surprised at all

    given that the whole structure is based on lies!


  • Refriedtruth

    "secret disfellowshipping" is just another mealy mouthing sleazy tactic.

    All decisions by the Watchtower and their lackeys is to stifle potential lawsuits for liability they ONLY care about that and will utilize every sleazy trick of innuendo mealy-mouthing subterfuge.

    When I was dfed from the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts I also appealed and the whole set up was a reviling Kangaroo court,me sitting in the center middle of the small library with the 6 elders sitting in a circle surrounding me.They wanted me to squirm and still get dfed or not squirm and beg and STILL get dfed.

    Up until that hour It was still my conviction that they were guided by the holy spirit.

    Now I know they are no better than Scientology maybe worse as they are bigger and Bible based.At least Scientology admits its a UFO sect.

  • wannabefree

    Seems the Governing Body has "pierced the Corporate Veil" in this case and left themselves entirely open to any and all litigation.

    The Org has a lot of leeway on internal affairs, freedom of religion is quite a blanket policy. I doubt they are doing much in these days leaving a paper trail that would leave them liable to charges that would fall outside of the freedom of religion license.

  • blindnomore

    "Secret Marking and Secret Disfellowshipping"

    What I have learned from my personal experience, Watchtower and its elders have the same mindset that of North Korean Dear Leader, Kim Jung Eun has. The Absolute Power with zero tolerance!

    Until this very moment I have no idea what I got disfellowshipped for. I am not kidding. I was marked at least 3 times by 3 different local congregations in 2 years prior to my DF'ing. I have no idea what I got marked for each time. Can the neighbor congregation mark the publishers who's attending another kingdom Hall?(have you ever heard such?) Of course they can. They can do whatever as they go about their business. They can charge you with anything as they saw it fits into their agenda. The Watchtower is a malicious slanderer, a shamless blackmailer and a 3rd degree reputation assassin.

    I've been following Menlo Park case and feel sorry for those former elders. I was/am in their shoes. My unsolicited advise for them in order to avoid much more sorrow is not to bother getting reinstated. They will not be reinstated at least for many many years. Collect as much evidences and witnesses on Watchtower and a Circuit Overseer to seek the civil justice and expose the Watchtower. Contact Mr.Zalkin(zalkin.com) or any lawyer who specializing in religious abuse.

  • mrsjones5

    Apparently the news have already gone through the jw grapevine all the way out to Rocklin where my mother lives. My mother says she found about three weeks ago. A once ace boon coon buddy of hers who recently got baptized and is now a pioneer called my mother up to give her the scoop. A bit of additional information about the Cobb family: my mother says the oldest son disassociated years ago and left the state.

  • minimus

    The Watchtower is corrupt to the core!

  • baltar447

    I wonder if they will start to use this DF'ing standard more in the future. Anyone that expresses dissent over how they've been treated they will just get DF'd. Seems to be the tone they took with the koolaid Watchtower recently...

  • Balaamsass


    the Governing Body has "pierced the Corporate Veil" in this case and left themselves entirely open to any and all litigation.

    The Org has a lot of leeway on internal affairs, freedom of religion is quite a blanket policy. I doubt they are doing much in these days leaving a paper trail that would leave them liable to charges that would fall outside of the freedom of religion license.

    Wannabe free, The Mrs tells me my posting was unclear on the corporate veil comment.

    While I found some of the legal briefs to wander a bit, I found the case more important than it appears at first. Those of us who own businesses are used to being scolded by our Attorneys and Accountants regarding respecting our legal "structure" to reduce liability & taxes (Corporate filings, meetings, minutes, stock, board members, tax filings etc- a real pain in the arse). Otherwise the government can declare the corporate structure a paperwork sham and we leave all our personal assets unprotected...a litigant can then "Pierce the Corporate Veil". The Watchtower Society has set up a vast convoluted network of coporations for each Branch, State, and KINGDOM HALL to protect themselves. In California and most countries they have to abide by these laws and filings carefully and send in paperwork regularly to be approved by the State.

    The sincere Elders in Menlo Park were long time corporate officers for the MENLO PARK JW CORPORATION. (The old Hall happened to be a poor black congregation that got eventually got surrounded by the Silicon Valley near the new FACEBOOK HEADQUARTERS and became VALUABLE). The JWs had paid-off the hall, and the CORPORATE officers (Elders) saw no need to involve the local Regional Building Commitee in a "Suggested" remodel. (Some of the local building commitee honchos had checkered pasts in and out of JWs that were well known to these Elders) These Corporate Officers simply said "no-thankyou" to the R.B.C. and Circuit Overseer. Under Ceasars law as a real corporation that should have been the end of the matter. However Circuit Overseer P...l K....r and his shady relative E.... B....had the Menlo Park Elders summarily removed as Elders, and E.....B...... (a tall Blonde) forge the (Black ) Corporate President/Elders name at Chase Manhatten Bank (JW employee) and empty the Menlo Park Kingdom Hall's Corporate Bank account.

    The twisted thing about all this is these sincere Elders/true believers (who may appear to be rubes) actually BELIEVED WTBTS knew nothing about E..... B...... actions because of his well known checkered past. They simply thought he and his relative the Circuit Overseer, had embezzeled the Congregation's money. Based on first hand knowledge of Scam construction deals, overpriced remodels, and stories of Hooker exploits, these Loyal JW Elders assumed the LOCAL RBC was corrupt, and complained to the local Police who told them to sue the defendants.

    Beyond the obvious religious, moral, and criminal issues this case proves ALL CORPORATIONS BY WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY ARE SHAMS.The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society does not abide by the requirements U.S. state and federal laws require for Corporations. They ignore the structure and do what they want when they want how they want. ANYONE WANTING TO SUE THE WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY IN THE FUTURE NEEDS TO FOLLOW and Bookmark this case. I think these Ex-JWs (they are now disfellowshipped) need any legal or professional assistance they can get.

    The other strange thing about this case is it not only "Accidently" uncovered the "Corporate Sham" it cast a light on the ENTIRE regional building sham. These simple believers had an accountant dig up stuff on the LOCAL RBC not realizing ALL RBCs are basicly "a forced Donation arrangement". Donated/cheap materials in weird colors etc are FORCED on congregations to collect $$. Chairs, Carpet, Wall paper etc purchased/donated to WTBTS for pennies are SOLD to Congregations for dollars.( A variation of the Defense Dept $500 toliet seat).

    The other "funny thing" about this case is because of the location WTBTS Penn. Corporate President DON ADAMS got entagled because of In-laws and family friends in an adjacent hall. Some of the local JW Elders in a rush to impress Don and headquarters have done all sorts of bizarre and illegal things. (Stalking, threats, wiretapping). If it wasn't so tragic, it would make a good crime comedy film.

  • Lurker555

    I hear "new" anointed get "marked", I guess, as wackos.

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