Sept. 15th WT - WT Society Hypocritically Disses " Materialistic " JW's

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  • maisha

    Wouldn't it be nice if they divided up the assest sales and gave a lump sum to each member in good standing..

    True generosity!...

    I can see it happening can't you?.

  • maisha

    I remember an elderly brother, served all his life so to speak.

    He had an old car and couldnt afford the insurance even.

    He had a bad heart.

    He was out in the field often, every chance he got.

    he was a very genuine old man, give you the shrt off his back.

    One day he had a car accident, balcked out..

    crashed into a RollRoyce.

    He had no insurnace so they sued him.

    he was only getting a pension.

    NOBODY, offered him assistance.

    they Ran from him and bad mouthed him for being so stupid for driving without insurance.

    What Those fools didnt know is that he was on the way to the doctor.

    he didnt like to ask anyone to take him, felt bad at being a trouble to anyone.

    after awhile the courtcase ended, he didnt make it to the meetings and about 12 months later he died alone in his one bedroom pensioner flat.

    At the age of 78 i think he was, he died alone, no visitors, since he wasnt going to meetings, and because he was unwise in his life he was sort of shunned. nobody helped him!.

    He had served faithfully for over 60 years, then left like a dog...

    to DIE....

    SOME of those billions could have assisted him to live a better life and I BET nobody would begrudge faithful elderly servants getting a hand out...

  • wallsofjericho

    I quit a job b/c I was going to be put on afternoon shift which meant missing meetings. This was literally the single best employer in my city and extremley difficult to get into.

    The look on people's faces when I told them I actually quit my job there was complete disbelief. If I had stayed there I would have had a full retirement with benefits indexed to inflation for life by age 48 !!! (30 years and out baby!) Now I will work until I am in a box.

  • james_woods

    I can tell you that regardless of what they write on this - if Warren Buffet converted to the JWs and talked the company talk (as well as promising them a nice fat inheritence) he would be accepted exactly as he is. He probably would not even have to go in service or attend meetings regularly.

    Hypocrisy is absolutely right.

  • blindnomore

    Stealing 401K from their members, extortioning life insurance money from dying witness folks, defrauding Jehovah's Witnessess Nazi victim funds that's been compensated by Swiss Bank are a few more to be added in the Watchtower money laundering program.

  • wannabefree

    While I have come to despise the control of this organization and what it does to people, I can't help but still feel that the motive behind much of this, while cultish when viewed form an awakened mind or from the outside, is with the thought of protecting people from straying and losing their salvation ... maybe they really believe this, they don't know what to do, kids go to college and "leave the Truth" ... I think this comes across in the video Cedars did where Anthony Morris III is chastising parents for sending their kids off to school, blaming them for leaving the truth.

    I still have a hard time seeing the MOTIVE being to control the lives of others, although that is what it turns out to be. I know that I, for example, did what I could do to preempt my kids rejection of "the Truth", I sincerely believed that it was God's Organization and whatever it took to shape my child's mind I would so they wouldn't turn away. While my motive wasn't to control my child's life, that is exactly what I was doing.

  • flipper

    LONG HAIR GAL- Exactly as you say. Hypocrisy runs rampant among the higher ups in the JW organization and the WT society desires rank & file publishers to be poor really. If the WT society can keep them dumbed down, working night and day and guilt ridden to donate to the WT society causes - then they accomplish their goal of keeping most JW's controlled under their empire. It's disgusting. I saw it as well in the 44 years I was a JW.

    MAISHA- Uh-huh, the time the WT society will divide assets up is only if the leaders are thrown into prison and FORCED to divide assets up . LOL ! Maisha- What a horribly sad story of the 78 yr.old man who gave 60 years to the JW cult - only to be left alone to die penniless after his car accident. I bet we could repeat thousands of stories just like that one within Jehovah's Witnesses. Thanks for sharing that story, it certainly drives home the point of discussion !

    WALLSOFJERICHO- I'm so sorry the JW's guilted you into quitting your great job. Like yourself I had to pass up numerous great job opportunities because my fanatic JW ex-wife guilted me into NOT pursuing these jobs due to it being a swing shift hours or graveyard hours. Yet it would have provided much more financial security for our then young children with medical insurance . So now I remain self employed now for 30 years and I'll probably work until I'm in a pine box or I'm ashes as well. I know the feeling.

    JAMES_WOODS- Very true what you say James. Warren Buffet, Serena & Venus Williams, Prince, - ANY of those celebrities are given a long extended pass to do and live as they want as long as they donate their millions $$$ to the WT society. Remember the old expression, " it's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know " ? That applies to the WT society success story as well. Pretty pathetic.

    BLINDNOMORE- Exactly. Isn't it disgusting how the WT society abuses it's members financially so none of the members will have any kind of decent retirement ? Only the upper echelon of WT society powermongers will be well off and sitting nicely in the saddle financially when it's all said and done. Disgusting.

    WANNABEFREE- If Anthony Morris GB member is chastising parents for sending their kids off to school it's because NONE of the GB want ANY JW young ones to be able to use critical thinking skills. They'd rather JW's be dumbed down, not able to use their own minds - thus one reason most JW's are under the infuence of mind control. Then the GB paints a horridly morbid picture of anybody going to college by scaring them with fear tactics saying their young ones will become wicked, have immoral sex, smoke pot, and come to" hate Jehovah " . When in actuality college really educates and enlightens young ones. It's just fear mongering at it's worst.

    If you get a chance to read Steve Hassan's two books - " Combatting Cult Mind Control " & " Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves " - I feel you may change your opinion as to whether or not the GB has ulterior or evil motives in controlling JW's. It describes perfectly how cult leaders desire to dominate and control and it describes the WT leaders to a tee. Just a thought

  • steve2

    Excellent thread flipper. The other side is the way in which the Watchtower warmly welcomes the wealthyand is not known for questioning large contributions.

    Hypocrisy by definition is never holistic. It unflinchingly grabs what it can while condemning others for trying to have a reasonable quality of life.

  • flipper

    STEVE 2- Thanks, good points you make. There have always been the " green handshakes " within the WT society - especially where Circuit Overseers are involved . In my 44 years in the cult I saw quite a few wealthy JW's being given positions of elder , or even put in to supervise assembly hall building projects and get special considerations due to monetary donations. You are right- hypocrisy grabs at what it can while "condemning others for trying to have a reasonable way of life. " Very well put

  • OnTheWayOut

    T After 1995's change in "generation," I was still a faithful JW, but I decided I needed a career that allowed retirement instead of just a job that got me by.

    As I pursued the career I have now, the other elders talked about considering removing me from the BOE because of missing meetings. I told them if that's what they needed to do then that's what they should do. I thought Jehovah understood my situation and I never worried about it. They never considered removing me.

    They also talked of considering my qualifications when I suuported my wife getting a degree. I gave the same answer and they never considered my qualifications.

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