Sept. 15th WT - WT Society Hypocritically Disses " Materialistic " JW's

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  • tootired2care

    Flipper thanks for highlighting this. Hypocrital bastards they are and nothing ever changes with these jokers does it? It's always the same tired old lines they've been conjuring up for decades. I suspect that they are really going to have a full scale revolt on their hands when 2014 rolls on by.

    I've always been sort of a bit of a rebel; I was privately counciled several times because I decided to buy a house and a nice car several years back. Oh but boy did they all sure like going in my nice car for service. It really is the most ridiculous way of life when you look at it from the other side.

  • Balaamsass

    Religion is a snare and a racket......where did I hear that ?

    HUGE negative in my life NOT finishing at least a four year degree. NOT keeping my secure job "to reach out". NOT fully funding my retirement savings.."the end is comming".

  • 3rdgen

    Hoser said "The CO gets a new car every 3 years but if I get a new car I'm falling out of the truth."

    Boy, isn't that the truth!

  • JakeM2012

    Yep, Yep... Wanted to become a structural engineer/or/ architect and many brothers, including family mounted continual pressure on me to not go to the university. Funny after I buckled to the family/organizations pressure, it was like, "well, go over there and sweep the floor, idiot". Wt articles reasoned, "This system is not going to last long enough to even finish a four year program, your wasting your time."

    My family has been in the truth since the 1910's and has steadily gotten poorer through the decades. "Before the truth generation" were doctors, lawyers, engineers, successful businessmen. I have uncles that had it made at different companies and would have been running the company today if they stayed, but they quit because they couldn't get off for a seven day convention or other "spiritual obligation". Everytime they could start building duplexes or apartments, the brothers would pressure them that they were getting too involved in the world. After five "generations" of decendants bowing to wt's advise the results are: brother is living with mother, sister's broke, I'm broke but about to finish a bachelors degree.

    Mother-in-law is currently putting pressure on the children to not excell in school and start pioneering early. I take my daughter to McDonald's and stand and say, "look around here", Watch what the workers do. If you follow the advice you are given by Wt and Granny, welcome to your future. Needless to say, I do reprogram after in-laws visit. In fact, wife and I decided that precious young impressionable daughter was not to visit the grandparents alone ever again.

    If you are a jw youth reading here, do not trust wt's advice. If you stick around active in the truth you will be hounded until you conform. Remember, expect no check from the congregation, quickbuild, bethel, or wtb&ts when you are broke and too wore out to work.

  • LongHairGal


    They are so full of it that it's coming out of their eyeballs! When they print hypocritical garbage like this they are almost daring somebody to lose it at the Sunday meeting and run out screaming!

    I can relate to your experience where you passed up better career opportunities because of mostly pressure to supposedly be pleasing to Jah - as though he cares one way or the other how big or small your paycheck is!

    These fools wanted me to quit my decent job to do housecleaning! I cannot tell you how DAMAGED I would have been if I listened to these jealous idiots.

  • isaacaustin

    Flipper, this is sick. Guilting the members, many of whom are just getting by and hell, if they want to even get ahead a bit and save. Bottom line Flipper- THEY DON"T CARE AT ALL about the members. They care about control.

  • outsmartthesystem

    What makes me do damn angry is that with their propaganda and rhetoric.....they continue to beat people into submission. A man that could have taken a new job or received a promotion is still stuck cleaning floors. He works nights so he doesn't get to sleep with his wife. He sleeps during the day so he doesn't get to see his kids. He eats fast food because it is cheap. He doesn't exercise because he is always tired. Just like many people though....he manages to save a little money for retirement. After reading a recent WT, he decides to leave half of his estate to the WT when he dies. One day, he has a heart attack and dies. His estate is only worth $200,000....but half of it is going straight to the borg. And there you have it. He worked his whole damn a job he hated......making less $ than he ever should have.....never getting to see his wife or kids outside of "theocratic" activities. And then he dies. Just like that.....when the heart stops beating.......half of everything he ever worked for goes straight to the borg. They did nothing to earn it. All they did is make a request. Who is being materialistic? The man that worked hard for what he has.....or the organization that is requesting that you GIVE them what YOU have?

  • jgnat

    It annoys me no end that the society suggests that the only reason for a college education is higher income. What about making best use of a person's potential? That's like burying God's gifts in the dirt.

    My sister is a natural at diagnosis and caring. She is a fantastic family doctor. How would she have been frustrated if a cookie-cutter organization had directed that her highest ambition is to pioneer? How many people would have missed out on her talent?

  • therevealer

    A N D when it is deemed necessary at bethell to work longer shifts and this has often been the case they are expected to do so.

  • flipper

    Absolutely fantastic replies by everybody ! Thanks indeed ! Finally off work for the week so I'll reply.

    SIMON MORLEY- Your post didn't show up- but thanks for the bump !

    SCOTT77- I can tell from reading your posts that you are a good communicator and would probably be a great politician. However you seem really honest as well - perhaps you'll be a politician we can trust for once ! I hope you reach your goals !

    BREAKFAST of CHAMPIONS- I agree. And the whole " getting an education " thing is tied in with being ABLE to earn enough money to provide a good living for oneself and family. Which the WT society discourages. WT leaders are just FAR too intrusive into JW's lives and try to control their every move. It's disgusting.

    GOSHAWK- I have very little patience with hypocrites as well, definitely a case of WT leaders saying " do as I say, not as I do. "

    MAUIBOY- Exactly. " WE take billions and teach $hit. " Good analogy for what the WT society REALLY stands for !

    HOSER- Very true my friend. WT leaders are allowed to flaunt and disobey their own rules , yet rank & file JW's are marked and DFed for disobeying the same rules. It's definitely a cult for sure.

    WT WIZARD- Exactly. It's ridiculous to go into debt for anybody else- let alone for a billion $$$ corporation thats milking it's members dry already ! I agree with you- JW's need to wake up and smell the coffee and start saving money for themselves because if they allow the WT society to leech and bleed them all dry - they won't have a pot to piss in ! We all gave WAY too much of our money to that destructive cult when we were JW's ! No more !

    DESIGNS- Good point. Even back in 1967 the WT society was stealing lives away and careers ! I'm sorry they took your dream job. I hope you were able to pursue SOMETHING you liked as the years passed on .

    CLARITY- Don't feel alone my dear sis- I too was conned and deceived into not buying a home for years and wasted lots of time pioneering and as a MS fully expecting Armageddon to come knocking any day back in the 1980's. I feel for you, I'm in the same boat. I just wear myself out being self employed still now for some 30 years . WT society is very deceptive as you say.

    TOOTIRED2CARE- I was always a rebel as well like yourself . It got us our freedom though didn't it eventually ? LOL ! people would always go in my car for service too- and never give me any gas money ! When 2014 comes and goes with no " Armageddon " I'm sure some JWs will jump off the WT ship- however some will still be trapped by the WT mind control and drink the kool-aid I'm afraid. Time will tell.

    BALAMMSASS- Exactly bro, I hear ya. I wish I had gone to a 4 year college as well. Lots of things regarding psychology I would have enjoyed studying. But I'm doing the best I can now with what I do have. Hey ! At least I'm singing and playing guitar now ! LOL ! Who knows- I might have to resort to sitting on the street playing guitar and hope somebody throws money in my guitar case ! Stranger things have happened in my life for sure.

    3RDGEN- Yep. C.O.'s and D.O.'s can have new cars but we were considered " materialistic " to do so. So many double standards in the WT society it's disgusting.

    JAKEM2012- What a tragedy that your JW family has been duped and messed with by the WT society since 1910 ! 102 years of control by them. I'm so glad you are breaking the chain though and helping your children to understand what they're up against. Hopefully the inlaws won't indoctrinate them. Keep your dear children protected !

    LONG HAIR GAL- Very true what you say. The WT society is so full of it , it's " oozing out their eyeballs ". All WT leaders want to do is control JW's and scam them out of their finances. If they can do those things- WT leaders will be happy. Nothing but a bunch of crooks ! I'm glad you ended up getting a better job Longhair gal- good for you ! Stay independent ! We've escaped the WT societys clutches !

    ISAAC AUSTIN- Exactly. All the WT society cares about is controlling JW's through guilt and fear. Oh, and they want their money too. Sick.

    OUTSMARTTHESYSTEM- A very good analogy by you. Very well described accurately what really happens to a typical JW that stays in the cult. They eventually get exhausted doing Janitorial, perhaps with no health insurance - yet the WT society beats and berates them verbally for not getting enough time in field service, or missing meetings ! I mean- who NEEDS that treatment ? One reason ( among many ) that I left the org in 2003.

    JGNAT- Good point. I'm glad your sister got to pursue her interests in work and employment. But as you said many other people could not pursue their dreams because the WT society stomped on them. It's sick and twisted.

    THE REVEALER- Exactly, work longer shifts at Bethel. Then once wT leaders wear Bethelites out by the time they're 45 to 50 yrs.old they kick them out of Bethel sending them to some smaller out in the boonies congregation on alleged " special assignment " just to get them out of their hair . Very sad that bethelites put in years and years then get spit out by WT leaders with no job experience . Many times in worse health than when they first went to bethel

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