Is the Governing Body EVIL or IGNORANT?

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    If I had to pick....I'd go with....ignorant.

  • daringhart13

    My favorite post I've ever read here. Thank you Cedars.

    Very eloquent. Its THE question I ask myself daily. I can't wrap my head around it.....I've known rank and file JW's that were smarter on matters of the I see the blatant ignorance............I just can discern if these guys are also blatantly evil.

    Have they looked at the past? The failed doctrines? BLOOD; and those that have died? Did they make the changes in recognition of being wrong?

    Then there is the latest power push to honor DFing, to stay away from Apostates, etc. How can they NOT KNOW what they've done??

    Its puzzling.....I'm looking forward to reading responses.

    I would love to read responses from ex-Bethelites.......what is their perception?

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    Millions of JW's around the world are ignorant because of the staunch position and doctrine enforced by the GB.

    Those serving on the GB no doubt were ignorant prior to their appointment. But once being appointed they no longer get the luxury of being ignorant. Now they are holding the lives of 7 million JW's and according to their doctrine, billions of lives in their hands.

    Being the self-appointed sole channel of communication with God puts them in an obligatory position to thoroughly search the scriptures with humility and honesty. They should be praying incessantly to be guided by HS and then seeking to follow its leadings through the pages of the Bible to find answers. Anything short of that is EVIL on their part.

    Their rigid steadfastness and loyalty to the "traditional" WTS doctrines and an unwillingness to search the scriptures with an open mind qualifies them as Evil not Ignorant.

    They demonstrate the ability to search the scriptures and to comprehend them when it suits their purpose, thus they are not ignorant of how to do it. They are resistant to the idea that they could be wrong and might lose their authority and power if they admit to it.

    Ignorance is the lack of knowing how to do something or having knowledge of a given matter. There is no way you can convince me that they are not exposed to other views, even the views on this sight. Instead they give no consideration to being fallible and again this makes them Evil.

  • 3rdgen

    In the case of the GB, choosing to remain ignorant is itself evil. They alone approve what the writing staff prints and enforce the doctrines and policies that hurt so many of the "sheep entrusted to them.

    IMO the case with Candace Conti answered the question. All she sued for was a few $ and A CHANGE IN POLICY regarding reporting and protecting pedopliles. The Governing Body stubbornly refused knowing full well children have been and will continue to be victimized . They know full well children have died because their parents obeyed the GB policy on refusing blood transfusions. By allowing fractions/derivitives they imply they no longer believe their own restricion on whole blood THEMSELVES. Yet, they refuse to change in order to save face despite knowing innocent lives will be lost.

    Who would purposely hurt/kill innocent children??? Answer: Someone EVIL

  • Balaamsass

    Good question Cedars.

    I have had this coversation with a few on the Tele (VOIP is awsome!) recently. I think this a conversation best had sipping some 12yr Scotch.

    Having grown up in this cult, and having lived with these guys at the big house I have always wondered this question. I got to know about half the GB in the 70s. Half I liked and respected, Booth, Knorr, Gangas and Ray Franz and half were arogant, pompous and mean. Some I would not pick out in a crowd as even sincere, good hearted, caring Christian men. The fact that four GB have been accused of sex with minors in the last 30 years should raise some eyebrows. THAT is a statistically unusual in ANY GROUP of 30 or so men...especially if they are "vetted".

    I used to think they were imperfect men caught up in the "machine" of the corporation. The classic company man. But ...these guys are the GOVERNING BODY of a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. So what is wrong with this picture? This isn't a multi-national bank or chemical company.....these guys are supposed to represent the Bible trained moral high ground for 7 million followers.

    Not Ignorance...something else.


    If you know your Hurting People and Continue to do so..

    Your Evil.

    The WBT$ Governing Popes..Are Evil..

    We`re so Evil..

    It makes us Giggle like School Girls!..

    ................................. ...OUTLAW

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    They are IGNORANT.

    That being said, I also believe that IGNORANCE IS EVIL.

    Unlike stupidity, ignorance is always a choice. When you CHOOSE ignorance, you are choosing the evil side.

    Hopefully, it is also the losing side!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Millions of JW's around the world are ignorant because of the staunch position and doctrine enforced by the GB.

    They are ignorant because they have entrusted the GB (and others) to study God's Word for them. They make NO effort to dig into the deeper things. In the past, there were attempts to publish the deeper things (that is ALL GONE), but most did not make the effort required to really understand it. Ask the typical R&F JDub to explain how they arrive at 1914 being a significant year. See that "deer in the headlight" look they get? They don't have any f***ing idea! Many won't even be able to tell WHAT is is signficant for! DUH?

    Elders constantly get calls about what decision to make on this or that, all of which are really conscience decisions. They don't want to study and dig and discern on their own. They want a line drawn for them. They want a Yes or a No. They want someone to make their decisions so they don't have to put forth any effort. And there are plenty of [email protected]$$ elders who will swell with pride and tell them what to do. Then they say it must be so, because the ELDERS TOLD ME SO!



  • Glander

    Wow. This question comes up, in one form or another, over and over. I have related here my one on one conversation with Ray Franz many years ago. I asked the same question. To paraphrase his answer, some were and some were not. unfortunately those in charge were willfully making it up as they went. The ones who were ignorant but sincere thought their devotion enlightened them.

    The bottom line is that the WTB&TS is guided by the self interests of those who are in control. It has always been this way. Rutherford set the pattern.

  • jgnat

    Don't have to believe in the devil to believe in evil. Think of some of the horrors that humankind has perpetrated on others in the past century. That's evil. I'm with you, cedars. I think the corporate structure is self-perpetuating and evil.

    That being said, the WWCG had leaders courageous enough to admit when they were wrong, and dismantled from within.

    I think the Governing Body is lacking in essential courage.

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