Is the Governing Body EVIL or IGNORANT?

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  • Finkelstein

    Cognitive Dissonance for a GB member is going to be even stronger than for the "rank and file" since they have the most to lose.

    As well also rationalize who they are and what outcome effect their decisions will create for the rest of the organization.

    Although I'm sure some GB members actually think they are closer to god and his divine power being a GB member.

  • wannabefree

    I'm with JWFACTS.

    I think they are all "Captives of a Concept" perhaps to a greater degree, however, I still can't help but think that some have had moments of thinking that something just might be off.

    "The Organization" has evolved into a living thing and it belongs to Jehovah, doubting that is a big sin, therefore one must adapt their thinking and at all costs protect God's Organization.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Most people here are either out of the religion or are teetering on the edge. Many are therefore critical of the Governing Board.

    But what do you guys see as "evil" about them? What is it they do that bothers you most about them?

    Clearly, some of these men honestly believe that they've been appointed and ordained by God. They undoubtedly feel that they are at the helm of the Lord's Kingdom on Earth. If they really believe the religion they espouse, it would be almost like being called to an apostolic office. Jesus said, "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you." The term "apostle" simply means one who is sent and if these men are who they claim to be, they are apostles in a very real sense. So for some of them, of course, this is going to go to their heads. If there is but one true religion on Earth, then they will go down in world history as a major part of that Kingdom. Who wouldn't be affected by that?

    The thing is, they apparently don't have a problem with legitimacy. How do they KNOW that their church is true? How do they KNOW they have divine authority -- that they've been "sent" by Jehovah? If they are right, then they are modern apostles and should be heeded. But if they're mistaken, then they are false prophets leading a manmade church in the midst of other manmade churches.

    Now I'm not one of those people who believes that people who belong to the Jehovah's Witness church are going to hell. But I do believe that there's a deception element to all of this. I think we have to assume that the GB are sincere, but you have to be sincere in following them, or not. If they have divine authority, how do they know and how would we know? Jesus appeared to His apostles for 40 days after His resurrection and taught them the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. And we don't have a word about those teachings in our Bibles. So has the GB been schooled by or seen angels? Or has its members seen the risen Christ? Do they claim revelation or guidance? These aren't rhetorical questions as I really don't know whether they have made such claims or not. But if not, what are the evidences of the legitimacy of their callings? How do we know they're who they say they are and that their ordinations are valid? "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." (2 Cor. 13:1) We thus need witnesses of their divine calling. Even Paul acknowledged regarding the Corinthians: " Since ye seek a proof of Christ speaking in me...." (2 Cor. 13:3) So it's not wickedness in seeking such proofs.

  • yourmomma

    The Ray Franz quote about them being victims was true at the time. But once the book was written their blinders were off. And with all the information on the internet today and the court cases piling up the governing body can no longer claim ignorance. They are evil and willfully so!

    Exactly, and if you look at the way in which for example the drama's are written plus the super thought controlling way the literature has been written lately, there is no way they dont know what they are doing. they are master propagandists.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    The following is a reference from Terry's post on: How exactly did J.F.Rutherford wrest control for himself over the Watchtower Society?

    The significance of it is in how the Lord's servants should be chosen as opposed to how they bully to acquire them.

    “ The directors never took the case to court. Rutherford had the directors and P.S.L. Johnson physically thrown out.Rutherford actually attacked Johnson physically. For some time, the vice-president, Pierson, sided with Rutherford’s opponents, but he eventually landed on Rutherford’s side. ”

    Although this appears to be an acceptable form of conducting a hostile takeover in the business world, it doesn't appear to me to be a valid form of succession for the Lord's leadership. Add to that the ruthless way in which Rutherford treated people and it appears that it has all the earmarks of a manmade religion.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I vote ignorant!

    As recently as in the June 15, 2012 WT Study this arrogant bunch on page 7 par 1 boasted: ‘Which governments will be dominating the earth when God’s Kingdom brings an end to human rulership? We know the answer-it has been disclosed to us by the “Revealer of secrets,” Jehovah God.’

    And then to show how ignorant and uniformed they really are, on page 19 (of the same magazine) ‘Questions From Readers’ they state that they need to make several corrections in the Daniel’s Prophecy book (re: today's governments) due to some misinformation. No fault of the “Revealer of Secrets” though! The fault strictly lies with the ignorant bunch known as the Governing Body!

  • smiddy

    They are ignorant ,arrogant, presumptous, and self delusional,and because of these traits,they are evil .


  • smiddy


    I know what your saying ,Ego is a dirty word


  • clarity

    Wow..3rdgen ...... you couldn't make this stuff up! Bloody awful!


    Gb is just like any other gang!

    Some members are nicer than others, but still all are in a gang for the same purpose.

    Gb's purpose is to control, any which way they can! Evil .....yes!

    They have no conscience, to do what they do.

    I could not for a minute, sit in bethel and make up the non biblical doctrine, or

    put my seal of approval on such hatred for people who do not think their way,

    imagine calling those 'insider watchtowers' good when they spew hate, and then

    praise themselves endlessly!!!

    Just think of how they must scheme to even grab a position on the governing body!

    Imagine what strategy they go thru to be "first in the kingdom" uuugh!

    They know what they are doing .... and they plan a years in advance for damage control.


  • cyberjesus

    They are under mind controll, just like you and I were no long ago. They just happened to be at the top. They didnot invented the rules. They are just playing by them..

    Those who are smart enough to see it... if they are honest.. they will resign... We have one so far.

    by the way the tendency of judging evil vs godly, good vs bad, etc comes also from the JW upbringing.

    Is a judgemental person evil or ignorant?

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