Scientific Careers and Race

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    My kids know nothing of blow. Why assume that every child of color knows something about the illicit drug trade. I grew up in the hood until the age of 13 and knew nothing about it. I still only know what I see on tv and I haven't let my children be exposed to that lifestyle.

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    Carry on... She said a tad uncomfortably.

    *so glad I don't allow my kids on this board*

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    Sorry if it made anyone uncomfortable. That was not the intention.


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    Botchtower, I wonder if you are trying to make a point as to why "people of color" are underrepresented in all things science in the United States.

    In terms of percentage, how many of the taino are there in Cuba? Yes, they know about Hatuey. Would you describe Cuba as an indigenous society, the way that Bolivia is one?

    The CIA factbook gives the Cuban demographics as "white 65.1%, mulatto and mestizo 24.8%, black 10.1% (2002 census)".

    By the way, "people of color" would be a bad definition for many Cubans I have met. Some are very, very white.

    If the other waves of Cubans were not professionals and the like (but many were), do you have any statistic as to whether these other waves are as succesful as, say, the Mas Canosa brothers? It would be interesting to have figures on that. I am afraid that statistics in this sense could help prove the point that people of humbler origins find it harder to make it in a society that's more advanced than their original society.

    You are wrong when you say that people who "cross the desert" know that they can make it in the United States. What they know is that there is no place for them at home. This includes Nicaraguans who fled Nicaragua for the very same reasons during the 1980's as Cuban balseros.

    I'm afraid that you're more intent on proving me wrong than in making a contribution to the thread. I won't fall for that.

  • TD

    My observation is similar to Snowbird and Mrs. Jones. I went to school for two years inside the D.C. Beltway in the late 60's. The area was 99.8% African American. I saw how the smart, studious kids were ostracized and beat up by their peers. It could be pointed out that this happens a little bit with all children and I would agree to a certain extent. This was on an entirely different scale though. I didn't understand it then and I don't understand it now.

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    Being a studious geeky kid will get your ass beat in all kinds of places.

  • cyberjesus

    Its not an issue of race.... its an issue of culture.

    What you see NOW is the result of the cultural medium of 20-30 years ago.

    Bring education into your culture. Instill a desire of success in the children of your race.

    Complaining alone does nothing productive...Doing something about it does..

    The hard thing is to do your part knowing that you wont see the results soon. That it will take time.

    There are not enough blacks in the NASA? or mexicans? or cubans? .... you can do something is in your hands....its in our hands.

    RACE was a problem.... now all its all in your head and it all could be part of the past.... What you see now its the outcome of the past...

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