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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If their 3 elder "friendly chat" is to be held at the KH, it might be judicial.

    Your friend needs to directly tell these elders he's doing fine spiritually, physically, materially and doesn't need them constantly coming around. These elders need to split up and actually help those that really need assistance such as Sis X, Br Y, Sis Z. Their poor judgment on matters such as shepherding the strong and ignoring the needy will be noticed by the flock and result in a general view that the elders are very uncaring.

    If they're coming by for "spiritual discussions", these elders need to realize that they can't count their time "witnessing" to a JW, LOL. And if it's a case where they want answers to spiritual questions from an anointed Christian, they need to learn to be content with what is being published from the teat of their WT "mother".

  • BroMac

    my new rule is not to meet with more than 1 elder ever.

    if it is sprung on you and 2 elders are at your door, (surprise shepherding) be friendly and say no more than i'm fine thanks let them do the talking and take a while making the drinks.

  • BroMac

    billy your too good at it

  • BroMac

    good point by Greybeard. ask what the meeting is about they wont tell if you dont ask they will try and be all friendly and chummy about it

  • RubaDub

    Just as a precaution, I would keep a jar of Vaseline in your bookbag in case you are asked to meet with all three elders after a meeting.

    Rub a Dub


    Apparently they are concerned because questioning anything or making an observation is a stepping stone to " apostasy ". So i guess even though they have said that it is not a JC, it should be treated as such. Especially in light of the fact that they made no mention of a third Elder being present until they were specifically asked. So my friend would have showed up at the K.H expecting 2 and finding 3.

  • blindnomore

    If anything, 2 elders previous visiting was an initial investigation, not a shepherding call. From that initial investigation the elders are charging your frined judicially. That's why the same 2 elders are part of 3 elders(judicial Committee) your friend about to meet. Why should elders tell your friend the true nature of the meeting especially if they are contemplating charging him/her of 'apostacy.' Their rules are for to protect and dictate their rights not for Rank & File. There are zero rights for R &F in Watchtower land.

    At least they did initial 2 elders invetigation on your friend. They skipped all the steps on me.

  • MrFreeze

    Yeah three definitely sounds like a JC. In my case I would not attend. According to JW beliefs I am an apostate. Nothing I say is going to remove that stigma.

  • earthfire

    When you say that your friend has started to partake, do you mean as an annointed member?


    He does not believe he is special, he believes that if you claim to be a Christian you should partake. Everything else will be sorted out in the future, because JW's obviously do not have all the answers.

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