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    My friend has no position in the conregation, and is a recent partaker. They spoke to one of the Elders about congregational procedures that, in thier opinion, should be reconsidered because they were harming the friends. Then they met with the Elders, ( 2 at the Elder's request ) and made it clear that the Elders were responsible for the flock and as such had the final say. My friend made it very clear that the matter was " in Jehovah's hands " and taken care of as far as they are concerned, and considered the matter closed.

  • Ding

    Lovely system, isn't it?

    You have no opportunity to produce witnesses on your own behalf.

    You don't get to face your accuser.

    You don't know what you're accused of or who is accusing you.

    You don't even know that you're on trial for anything until you have been found guilty and punished...

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    Your friend committed the most heinous offense in JW-land; pissing off the elders by confronting them. They want to DF him.


  • elderelite

    Being called to a meeting of three elders after meeting with two is DEFINATLY a JC. Your friend needs to act accordingly.

  • Sauerkraut

    One: when will he be done?

    Two: you may be screwed!

    Three: got they noose, let's find a tree.

  • RubaDub

    If it's after the meeting, then 3 elders has JC written all over it. However, if they come to a person's house I can't believe that it is a JC. They may be preparing for a JC or as was mentioned, they may want another opinion on whether a JC is needed. Normally when they do a JC, it is behind closed doors. Being in someone's home make video-taping and recording much easier.

    Rub a Dub


    So in a JC, are thier 4 Elders? 3 on the JC an 1 chairman? I am doubting it is a JC because they have the first 2 Elders from the first meeting. Wouldn't they have all new Elders?

  • RubaDub
    Wouldn't they have all new Elders?


    The ones that have the facts will be on the JC. If you confess a sin to them, the one(s) you talk to are automatically on the committee.

    At least that has been the practice where I have lived on the East Coast (USA).

    In fact, the only one I was in (about 25 years ago) was when several of us got caught with a little weed. They actually asked me which elders I wanted to have on the JC.

    Since my father and grandfather were also elders, it was more a formality than anything. We just all met at the KH after work one day. We didn't even go into the library. Only one even had a Bible. After telling them I was sorry and would not do it again, they read a couple of scriptures and I was out the door with a private reproof in about 20 minutes.

    Rub a Dub

  • sir82

    Technically, they are supposed to inform you in advance that "this will be a judicial commeittee".

    It's unusually sneaky, even for JWs, to not mention it.

    Absolutely treat it as a judicial committee. Although, if you do decide to go, the fact that that didn't inform you in advance would give you a pretty good chance at winning an appeal.

  • Greybeard

    It takes only 3 elders to make a JC. They can add more if they feel the need. When I was only 20 I was in a JC that had 5 elders. The CO and DO were asked to join

    This sounds like a JC for sure if you asked me. Why 3 elders? Watch out for these nuts, they will DF you in a heartbeat.

    I would avoid them at all costs if he doesn't want to get DFed. Do not go into a meeting blindfolded. Make them tell you what it is about. What are the charges and who are the accusers? You have a right to ask these questions.

    Good luck,


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