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  • flipper

    DATA DOG- Your friend is being pumped for information from the first two elders so they can report to the third elder so the three of them will form a JC to meet with your friend. Your friend is on their radar for possible DFing. I know, been there experienced it. And yes, they'll usually have the same guys on the JC who are investigating it.

    SIR 82 mentioned - " they are supposed to inform you in advance that, " this will be a judicial committee ". NONE of the elders that met with me EVER told me that it was going to be a JC meeting. They always kept me in the dark . In fact- I used to think they just " cared " about me ! Boy was I wrong. I must have had those " sneaky " elders you talked about Sir 82, but in my opinion they're ALL sneaky

  • 144001

    Three elders might mean it's judicial, or it could mean a threesome!

  • DesirousOfChange

    "Although, if you do decide to go, the fact that that didn't inform you in advance would give you a pretty good chance at winning an appeal."

    Bullshit. They would just LIE about it. Elders will knowingly LIE without remorse to cover their asses or to cover for WTS.


  • Darth Rutherford
    Darth Rutherford

    Three elders might mean it's judicial, or it could mean a threesome!

    It's a threesome alright... except DATADOG will be the only one getting screwed!

  • maccauk11

    your friend should have a representative with him even two. He cna us ethe same scriptures to protect himself against misjudgment or a lack of mercy

  • maisha

    Your Friend has raised red flags in his thinking outside of the organisational line.

    Naturally the Elder body will become concerned that his thinking is not being spread to others.

    The first visit wil be to qualify his actualy thinking, and his reasons for stating such to the elders directly and make sure that in the face of two witrnesses they have his concepts correct or not.

    If they understand him correctly and there IS a problem in his attitude as there seems to be so from your comments, the second visit with three elders with be conducted as a re confirmation of his current thinking again, and then an attempted readjustment of that thinking appealing to his reasoning to change that thinking.

    firstly he should let them in and after useless banter / chit chat,,,,

    respectfully Ask them DIRECTLY what it is they have come for, then Listen carefully to what they say.

    At that point they will be wanting to hear from him if he is not towing the company line or he agrees with them.

    Where by they will try to show him scriptures to adjust his thinking or see if he is apostateor end it nicely with coffee and cake.....

    Your friend has three options only during the meeting:

    1/ Meekly submit to their reasoning and agree fully with everything that they say. (If he does that they cannot do anything)

    2/ Tell them his reasoning and show them scriptual proof, if it is within WTBS policy and he can quote WT articules as to such then he should do so at this time. if he canot do so he should take option no1 if he wishes to stay in the congregation.

    3/ (if he don't want to stay in the wtbs) thentell them his reasoning as an apostate and ask them to leave his house immediately ( this will end the meeting and a JC wil be held to kick his butt out of the congregation so as to stop his thoughts being shared to others)

    crying, begging or pleading dosent do anything to help his case.



  • JWdaughter

    So, I wonder what happened?

    I thought just 2 elders would be a judicial, but I am not up on this stuff (thank God it is all starting to fade very nicely!!)

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Yes! Lift up your head and rejoice. for your deliverance from the borg is near.

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