What was the weirdest thing ever said to you as a JW?

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  • snare&racket

    When I went to the elders to say why I was leaving the religion, I told them of everything I had come to know... The UN scandal, the rand cam scandal.

    I could tell they had been briefed on these issues due to their lack of response when I described them..... Their first retort was that Jehovah was using me to clean his organisation.....

    One hour later.......

    I also had deep theological questions aboutn following the spiritual guidance of people who admit themselves are not spirit inspired and have made errors in such a manner that they agreed I had on occasion taught false teachings, due to agreeing with this 'governing body'. I asked them "is it not better for me to read the bible, interpret its intention and then face god for my decisions, rather than get to the day of judgement and say I can't explain why I did x or y, I was ..lust following orders'" after they churned that over I asked for confirmation that the governing body had no special ability in interpreting scripture....same as everyone else. They agreed. I asked how the society could gamble with donated money on the stockmarket? I was told the brothers were using Satans money to further Jehovah's work..... I asked if they really thought god needed Satans money and whether deep down that sounded right to them?

    I was asked politely to not attend the meetings anymore whilst I felt like this and then sneekily removed as best man from an up coming wedding. So ended my work for the Watchtower book company.

    The craziest answer I ever got as a JW...."jehovah is using you to clean the organisation"... They didn't believe it themselves. I had stopped going years before. From hero of the organisation to evil slave in one hour.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    You can never have a bad day in Jehovah's service.
    Being told that I was not keeping up with Jehovah's chariot because I called the summer convention the assembly instead of the word convention. Assemblies only happen in the spring and fall not the summer.


  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I was advised to not feed my children before meetings so that none of them would throw up and cause us to miss the meeting.

  • respectful_observer

    Disillusioned: “A couple I once knew said that their house had been demonized by a bean pot they bought a garage sale. (Hmm I didn't know deemunz liked beans)”

    Hahaha! It gives them the perfect scapegoat for their silent-but-deadly farts. Sniff, sniff...."Oh brother, was that you?!" "No! It wasn’t ME, it was the Bean Pot Deemunnzzzs!!!”

  • notjustyet

    I'm sorry for slandering Leo Greenless good name by making that comment. Of course the 8-10 year old would be of age by the time he made it to Gods Holy House AKA Bethel.


  • falseprophet

    @notjustyet, no one mentioned Leo Greenlees to me.

    Then again, they probably had never heard of him. Most witnesses have no idea of the names of the GB/leaders other than Russell, Rutherford, Fred Franz and Knorr!

  • unshackled
    A householder once let me get all the way through my presentation, then his eyes got really wide and he said, "I have a shield, and the shield says...NO."
    He then slooooowly closed the door, staring at me wide-eyed the whole time.

    Haha...love it, sir zoiks!

  • apostatethunder

    My father is an elder and he would discuss cases of the congregation at home with us without mentioning the names, we are not the secret police.

    You can actually correct a brother’s comment if you do it discreetly.

    The congregation is much better now, a lot of people is gone (to me after I left).

    Even if this was not the truth it would still be the best way to live.

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