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    Truthseeker: The meaning is discussed earlier in this thread. It was a memorial to the Watch Tower Society with name inscribed on the open books. They have worn off and are not readable now.

    Russell saw the pyramid apex as representing Christ as "head of the corner." The cap stone of God's organization. The rays represent Christ's guidance. Read earlier comments in this post for more.

    Oz: The letter was to Baron Hirsch, with a copy sent to Rothschild. It's Russell's statement of belief that God intended to restore the Jews.

    Most of the old Watch Towers are now online. A good google search will lead you to Russell's own statements on the Pyramid. Most of what is said about it by today's writers is wrong and out of context. It's a good lesson in research. It has always been true that print on a page isn't proof of anything. That's even more true in the Internet Age.

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    As a note to the comment: "Several years after Russell died, Rutherford had a replica of God's witness in Egypt constructed in the middle of the plot owned by the WTS in the Rosemont Cemetery. There is nothing at all about Rutherford's pyramid monument, however, that is connected with the Freemasons' organization, nor with the Rosicrucians, etc. I highly doubt, however, that Russell would have approved of such a monument."

    As noted earlier, a convention report shows the planning for this monument started in 1914. The design was approved by Russell. It was not Rutherford's idea. That is was his idea is a bit of Bible Student propaganda. The idea came from Bonhet, was designed by him, and approved by Russell. see: Souvenir Notes from the Bible Student’s Convention: Pittsburgh, Pa., January 2-5, 1919, page 7 .

    You should be able to find that online.

    I am aware of what is stated in 1919 Convention Report; Russell, however, did not write that report.

    I have no doubt that Bohnet probably already begun making plans for that pyramid before 1914; I do not accept what is written in the report, however, as being actual proof that Russell approved the building of that monument. He may have, but having studied his writings for more than 50 years, it would just seem to be a out of character for him. One will not find any mention of such a monument anywhere in Russell's writings, nor was anything ever presented from Russell's own hand by which it could be said that he had approved the building of such a monument. Rutherford had already shown how himself to be one who misrepresented Russell, which is one of the reasons so many Bible Students had already come to distrust Rutherford. After Russell died, Rutherford began to twist and distort a lot of things; kinda reminds me of "Animal Farm". I do not put much stock in what was claimed in the 1919 Covention Report.

    On the other hand, it really makes no difference to me as to whether Russell approved that monument or not; to me, the biggest objection I could make regarding that monument would be that it was an extravagant use of funds that could have been to better use. It certainly is NOT, however, an abomination.

    The Convention Report mentioned may be found at:

    Other Bible Students Covention Reports of 1919:

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    "Old Goat" wrote:

    Russell saw the pyramid apex as representing Christ as "head of the corner." The cap stone of God's organization. The rays represent Christ's guidance. Read earlier comments in this post for more.

    I am not sure what is meant by "God's organization" in the above, but for many it would leave the impression that Russell believed in the organization that Rutherford called "Jehovah's organization." Russell never believed in such an organization.

    I did an electronic search of Russell's works for the phrase "God's organization", and it produced no results at all; the same for the expression "Jehovah's organization". He did use the expression "the Lord's organization" a very few times, but not in the sense that Rutherford meant when he spoke of "Jehovah's organization".

    Russell believed that the apex of the pyramid would not be positioned in place until the age to come. He was not using the Great Pyramid to illustrate what Rutherford later called "Jehovah's visible organization" in this age, since Russell did not believe in such an organization for this age.

    As regarding "rays", I assume that this is in reference to lines spreading out from the small pyramids that appear on Plane "K" of the "Chart of the Ages" that appears in the First Volume. Russell's study and explanation of the various planes presented on that chart may be found at:

    The chart itself may be seen at:

    There are small pyramids on that top plane, as with all the various planes, except that the pyramids on this top plane have what one could call "rays" emitting from them. Russell never uses the word "rays" in his study, but he describes plane "K" as follows:

    We do not here refer to a glory of person, but to a glory of power or office.The reaching of plane L brings full personal glory; i.e., glorious being, like unto Christ. But after we are thus perfected, and made entirely like our Lord and Head, we are to be associated with him in the "glory" of power and office--to sit with him in his throne, even as he, after being perfected at his resurrection, was exalted to the right hand of the Majesty on high. Thus shall we enter everlasting glory, plane K .

    And he later states:

    Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended to the majesty on high--the plane of divine glory, K (pyramid k ).During the Gospel age he has been in glory ( l ), "set down with the Father on his throne," and Head over his Church on earth--her director and guide. During this entire Gospel age the Church has been in process of development, discipline and trial, to the intent that in the end or harvest of the age she may become his bride and joint-heir. Hence she has fellowship in his sufferings, that she may be also glorified together with him (plane K ), when the proper time comes.

    The small pyramid "k" represents Jesus before the topstone is set in place, before the full pyramid is completed. The joint-heirs are elsewhere identified as the 144,000 or Revelation 7 and 14. It is not until the age to come that the topstone is set in place which is represented on Plane K by pyramid "x". Only then will Jesus and the joint-heirs rule over the whole creation; only then will the true theocratic kingdom function, since Satan will have been abyssed so that the heathen will no longer be blinded and deceived. It is then that sons of God will be revealed to the groaning creation (Romans 8:19-22) and will shine as sun. -- Daniel 12:3; Matthew 13:43.

    I cannot find any place that Russell directly mentions the lines drawn that exend outward around the small pyramids of Plane "K" (he may have somewhere, but so far I have not been able to find any mention of this); it appears that Russell probably meant those lines simply to represent that high office of glory.

    At any rate, there are some things I disagree with concerning Russell's chart as related to his explanations. My point here is that Russell did not believe that Jesus and the 144,000 begin to rule as the apex of the full pyramid until the age to come, after Satan is abyssed, to which I agree.

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    Old Goat,, What is your position in WT HQ?.

    Your comments well worded of course are convincingly supportive of the Organisation stance. Exactly as the society would want people to think and believe. Good try!.

    Can People can accept thngs so easily without much thought to a matter?, i ask you this.

    What is a symbol?

    A symbol is used by many churches, many societies for a reason.

    The fact that the cross and crown is used by several different bodies dosent mean that they are not connected in root beliefs.

    Their Belief is the same, like the trinity teaching, The society teaches that you can identify the truth by such a symbol as the trinity, which ever church or religous body teaches the trinity doctrine is connected and thus part of the world empire of false religion. Life after death , hell fire and so on...these are identifying MARKS. Identifying SYMBOLS. As the society teaches FLEE from THESE THINGS. Why ,, because their symbols are open for all to see... simplicity for one has reverse application for another!.

    The cocacola symbol for an example reqpresents what we all know world wide as the cocacola company it stands for exactly what it is and although the symbol has changed but a llittle, people throughout the years know it and what it stands for.


    They are like a jigsaw puzzel that shows connections in amazing places at times.

    The fact that Russel was not registered in the masonic order in the area of his grave is of no great interest. The fact that Russel and others whom started Religous beliefs about the same time were not registered masons has no weight except that they are not on that societies register.

    Many of those early religious concepts were masonic or illuminati based ideas from mormons to SDA to JW they all posessed symbols of interest that shows their base allegence. Their ROOT Membership. These people established religons that now control millions of zealots whom are preprogramed to serve with mindless willingness.

    People being sheep run from one to the other searching for leadership, power or truth.

    The fact that they did not openly state whom they represent means nothing, such organisations whom use people always use symbols and the members remain in secret.

    The pyramid marker near Russels gave shows exactly whom the organisation represents, it is a symbol of whom the root allegence is to.

    Make no mistake "A SYMBOL MEANS EVERYTHING"!.

    What you drive, what you write with, what you wear, what you eat, how you cut your hair, what mark you have on your skin, where you live, everything is symbols, Is too naieve to think or state otherwise. Even you old goat show your symbols of belief although hidden beneath your writings.

    But it dosent mean that they did not have a connection to a secret organisation whom funded them quietly or in fact gave them directions in what to do or how to do it. Neither Russel or Ellen White or Joseph Smith would ever say openly they were given directives to start or form these organisations, would they!... deception is the mark of these organisations, it always has been in that the members are told only enough to get them motivated to contribute money and effort.Deception is stil the name of the day in the WTBS. But the Real symbols stil exist and are stil being used by the society today.

    You mention the winged sundisk on the theatre which is fair enough in theory, but neglect the winded sundisk on Russels books, but the question is why target that theatre for purchase, why not another one or simply build their own, what was the connection to buy that, was it owned by masonic or illuminati interests, hand to hand transfer of energy /assets.

    Nothing is what it seems, everything has a meaning, History as you mention, does not always explain the indepth knowledge that we lack as to why something is done.

    The Pryamid at Russels Grave is a fitting Illuminati Symbol that makes them proud of what they established, The capstone atop it, the corss and crown symbol, the all seeing eye clearly show the ROOT ALLEGENCE.

    Who really controls the WTBTS? it is NOT the rank and file members, I seriously doubt it is the governing body, Whom controls the money, where and what it is invested in. Deception is rife!, lack of accurate knowledge is abundant, but the symbols remain...

    I believe that all religions have been established to simply control the masses for a final agenda yet to come that has nothing to do with GOD.

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    I read yesterday in another post where somebody mentioned the Rothschilds as being the true owners of WTBTS.

    I can't remember your name - sorry.

    Can anyone else add any more information on this.



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    David Ike or Ickey (Messiah, Gray and Reptillian spoter) has said the GB are actually Gray Aliens with Reptile skins with snake tongues. This was revealed to him at a district convention, some higher power opened up the meta-physical dimensional gate and a "White Alien' explained the truth to him. He is the author of the Rothchild theory of Russell too.

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