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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    @wha happen, how can anyone qoute David Icke with a straight face? I was forced to listen to one of his interviews, he claimed to be "The Son Of God", "Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses Leaders were snake and lizard faced reptillians"

    David Icke has hinted so heavy as antisemitic, and has a nice way to sneak out of his words, I despise David Icke, he is a third-rate whack-butt, and yet he has lots of followers, what does this say about the World?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    They are part of the pentatlet

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    David Icke is not a credible historian, no real news source will interview him, unless it's Old Hallows Eve!

    The Rothchilds are the most secretive family, the smartest managers of money on planet Earth. No way in Hell, StickyIcky has ever interviewed any Rothchild, they don't like public attention. Their model of success to pass on generations of concentrated wealth, is matched by nobody! If one of the major Rothchilds had a Paris Hilton or Donald Trump camera addict, the family would give them the boot and deny them family access! Rothchilds don't like media attention, they enjoy privacy, so how could David Icke infiltrate them? Sticky, believed the Rothchilds funded Hitler's war on Europe used Mormons and Bible Students (JWs back than) to infiltrate high office positions in Europe and the United States. I heard this fool say it on the radio, why did Art Bell waste his time on Iich?

    So, David Itchy is the last man on earth, the Rothchilds would talk to! How does David Itchy gain an audience with the richest family in the world? The Rothchild's have never been ones to share their wealth managing techniques with anyone other than "proven-family", that might be the reason they combined "Rothchild" networth is speculated, guesstimated in the Trillions of dollars. They have more money than any Arab Royal Family, money made by using their banking genious! What use would the Rothchilds have with a loser like David Ick? His ability to promote their agenda, or would they enjoy being interviewed by some brain-dead drone? Think this one through people!

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Oldgoat, I wanted to Thank You for your contributions to this post, which have been very informative I also appreciate your continued patience with my questions and mishaps.

    Things discussed here is nothing in comparison to other crazy things I found, like some in the Society were Satanists and doing sacrafices Now that sounds absured even to me.

    Through my own research I had already come to the conclusion that Russell was not a Freemason. But had wondered why the Society still errected the monument even after he died. As far as donations he recieved (which was my original question) there's no solid evidence so far showing where his donations came from, so in my book it's still open to speculations due to his many types of associations.

    Queinten, I get it. No worries, no offense

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Old Goat,

    Why is this Watchtower-history blog so super-secret?

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    To answer questions and reply to comments:

    1. Schulz and de Vienne say they're about half done with book 2 in their history series. Book two concentrates on the years 1870-1887, though there is a strong backwards look into Russell antecedents and his Age to Come and Adventist and Literalist influences. I've seen most of their chapter on Storrs, Stetson, Wendell, et. al. Stunning. Things you will not have seen or will not know, all documented from original sources that include Stetson’s personal letters which still exist.

    2. They have a public and private blog. Some of what is on the private blog spills over to the public blog. The private blog consists of long extracts, sometimes full chapters, from their research. It is unwise to post one's work-in-progress to an open blog. There are copyright issues, plagiarism issues, and one must consider that further research changes things. I've seen their research amend earlier posts. Dr. de Vienne pointed me to someone else's "history" post that copied something Mr. Schulz wrote years ago and posted on the internet. They now know this is wrong. Yet, the person who claims to have the best short history of the Watchtower copied it entire without checking.

    3. The public blog is . It is open to everyone.

    4. The principal donors in the first year (1881) of Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society are known. A document dated to that year contains the amounts donated and the signatures of the original donors. I cited the amounts earlier. Their chapter on financing the work contains a photo of the signatures with the amounts noted. You will have to wait for publication. I was roundly scolded for posting from the closed blog. Someone sent Dr. de Vienne a link to this discussion. She was kind but adamant. I will not repeat the mistake.

    5. The facts will not dissuade a true believer. Questions about Russell and the Masons and “Illuminati” will persist no matter how plain the evidence is that there is no connection.

    6. There are, however, surprising connections. They’re just not scandalous. Usually. Conley involved himself in the faith-cure (faith healing) movement and on the recommendation of Whitesides (Christian and Missionary Alliance) hired a C&ME clergyman to run his faith-cure home. This clergy man liked to kiss the girls as a spiritual experience. More than kiss them. It was a huge scandal, but it did not touch Russell.

    7. S and de V. also found a diary entry from a well known female evangelist detailing Russell’s attempt to get her to go to lunch. No scandal though. They found a comment by a well-known Methodist clergyman explaining his attempts to comfort Russell over the hell-fire doctrine.

    8. Lastly, you’re welcome. Watchtower history interests me. I’ve never seen anything as good as what Schulz and de Vienne write. The Proclaimers book looks shallow next to their research. They take to task, usually in a fairly polite way, both opposition writers and Watchtower writers, pointing out errors. I’ve truly enjoyed reading their sometimes snarky comments.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Old Goat,

    Thank you for your reasonable approach to this topic. I've never believed the Illuminati/Mason conspiracy theories regarding Russell and it's good to see some good discussion about these conspiracy theories.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    regarding the Russell letter to Rothschild:

    did i read correctly Russell sugesting to Rothschild how and who should set up a new state of Israel?


  • truthseeker


    What is the meaning behind the pyramid symbol on this headstone marker, placed quite near to Russel's marker?

  • truthseeker

    This isn't relevant, but I think I remember being told that the people listed on the marker below had some kind of connection to Russell, either belivers or family members.

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