Everybody sing along... "Sparlock, we love you!..."

by cedars 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • besty

    great job Cedars - I'm sure it will be a big hit - cults really hate to laugh at themselves.....

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Awesome job! You managed to whip together a great tune with great lyrics that beats any Kingdumb malady any day! Nice change of register as well. . .

    Was also nice to see that Sparlock landed on what looks like a nice, soft pile of hot dog buns.

    Yes, cults HATE humor even more than jehoover hates the magic. The more out there the better!

  • bats in the belfry
  • cedars

    Thanks everyone!

    So far 1,254 views, 31 likes and 0 dislikes!

    I'm surprised nobody has yet clicked "dislike" even though we've had one or two "loyalist" comments. Maybe it's the power of Sparlock?!


  • DT

    "So far 1,254 views, 31 likes and 0 dislikes!"

    I think it's hard for even JWs to dislike Sparlock. Of course, the district convention season has just begun, we can probably expect a lot more negative comments as the season progresses.

  • slimboyfat

    For Witnesses to have formed a negative opinion of it, before most district conventions have been held, doesnt that mean they have read apostate commentary on the issue?

  • Leolaia

    Awwww, what a sweet video cedars.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    "please dont let them steal our childrens magic"

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    thank you cedar! Between Just Ron's phone blaring "Blinded by New Light" and mine singing the praises of Sparlock, there's no end to the joy

  • cedars

    Finally Awake - no problem! I'm interested to know how long the ringtone lasts before you get completely sick of it!!


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