Everybody sing along... "Sparlock, we love you!..."

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  • blond-moment

    Thanks Cedars. Now I just need to go to a KH and have some aposta-buds call haha.

  • AnnOMaly

    Hey, has anyone noticed that AMtheIII is wearing a matching purple tie and pocket square set? Is he instinctively giving voice to what his mind wants to conceal - that really he is Team Sparlock?

    Let the subliminists and conspiracy theorists go nuts ...

  • snakeface

    Sparlock can be our mascot! The other image- with the toes of clay mixed with iron - has fallen. Now Sparlock is the new image, the 9th world power.

    We should compose an entire book of Sparlock Melodies and call it "Sing to Sparlock". Update it every 20 years or so. Distribute copies to deserving ones.

    We can start publishing a magazine that announces Sparlock's kingdom, the "paradise" where minds are free and no longer enslaved to false religion. Sparlock will put a turning flaming sword at the entrance to the paradise, to keep out nosey elderettes, elders, and the annointed annoying ones.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Downloading now.

    I hated the Winifred's School Choir version but I love Cedar's version.

    I guess it is because I love Sparlock more than I loved either of my Grandads

  • snakeface

    "We are Sparlock's Witnesses....we speak out in fearlessness..."

  • cedars

    3,249 views, 54 likes, 1 dislike!

    Nice to know the song is getting spread around a bit!


  • cedars

    I'm getting some interesting comments from JWs if anyone is bored and fancies having a look...



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