SPARLOCK has been banned on YOutube!!!!!

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  • sf

    What are the chances that they'll actually withdraw the video and Sparlock altogether from District Conventions yet to come?

    If only. Yet, as if.

    These vids are 'rape', in varying degrees. But hey, WTBTS is sKilled at RAPE, in all degrees.

    The real sad thing here is that you can't undue it for those who've already seen and heard it's content.


  • VM44

    A non-Watchtower Sparlock Youtube video.

  • WTWizard

    This is why the Washtowel Slaveholdery has to go. Why are they expecting children within the cancer to view such rubbish, yet when someone posts it so others can get a good idea of what the religion is like, they pull down the material and threaten to sue? Seems to me that they are a trap, and they are relying on people to unsuspectingly fall victim to the religion, and don't like having people blab the secrets away before the new victim becomes baptized.

    Someone ought to make them see what life in the Age of Aquarius is like. They seem to think this is the Age of PISCES, and are doing all they can to prevent people from taking that step into the Age of Aquarius. In Aquarius, research is required--in Pisces, blindly obeying the leader is required.

  • 00DAD

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

    For those that are interested in discussing the broader issues concerning the WT's agenda to indoctrinate children, particularly the very young, I created a related thread addressing the relatively new WT feature "My Bible Lessons". These two page "lessons" which appear in the Public version of the WT about every three months are specifically designed for infants "Age 3 and Under" and their parents.

    Caleb of Sparlock fame made his debut in the most recent MBL.

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

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