SPARLOCK has been banned on YOutube!!!!!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Aren't they going to post these and following episodes on the JW website in digital format?

    When WT posts them, they better be ready for them to abundantly be copied and edited with commentaries on youtube and elsewhere.

  • EmptyInside

    How many would have watched this video if still a Witness? I'm not a parent,so I would have never viewed it. Youtube definitely got it more interest than it would have initially received. Honestly,I wouldn't even have picked the DVD up.

  • NewChapter

    I had a little one. It's very short. I think a lot of children would watch a dvd over and over---ad nauseum----but not something this short and with so little plot or layer. I think these dvd's would just get dusty---if it weren't for US!

    And why is BTS talking about foursomes?

    I have been out forsome


  • botchtowersociety
  • Jeffro
    I get that they're trying to protect legal copyrights, but that begs the question: why they don't just post the movie themselves?

    For the same reason that they produce The Watchtower—Study Edition. They want to limit the audience to those who are more likely to blindly accept whatever they present, without analysis or objection by the general public. Limited exposure by a few former members complaining about their literature is one thing—but their nuttiness being exposed in a meme that could go mainstream? Not good (for them).

  • flipper

    Incredible. WT society has really stepped in it deep up to their waists with this mind control tactic. It's definitely backfiring on them. Good . As John Lee Hooker once said " It serves them right to suffer. " The WT society is getting thoroughly exposed as the abusive, manipulative, mind control cult that it's always been - it's apparent the newer GB 2.0 is wielding it's power in a supremely stupid, arrogant fashion as they are desperate to keep young people from exiting the organization .

    This youtube smacks of unintelligent desperation to control young people but it's done so stupidly that it will turn off ANY younger JW's sitting on the fence or parents who are having doubts spurred on by the misuse of authority of the WT society. And that's not even thinking how NON-WITNESSES will slam this . It reeks of mental and emotional child abuse in spades - which of course we know has been the WT society's modus operandi anyway for 133 years. I mean , just think of how they've handled all the child abuse cases ! This youtube is a great example of the angry , sick, twisted, and demeaning psychology behind the people who produced this youtube.

    Many have already downloaded this youtube onto their favorites so for the WT society the cows are out of the barn boys ! Hey message to WT society : Are ya having a little trouble with your " information control " lately ? Then stop producing damaging $hit like this youtube ! I agree with John Lee Hooker : " It serves you right to suffer "

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I showed it to wifey, after a minute or two, she asked if we need to watch the whole thing. I asked why and then she stated that she got the gist of it. She akso commented how cheezy it was. The animation was sorta zombie like. The faces lack alot of expression. Also that it was condescending. I was glad she saw through it so quickly

  • cedars

    wha happened

    I showed it to wifey, after a minute or two, she asked if we need to watch the whole thing.

    That's quite telling, given that the movies are so short anyway! So it only took a minute or two for the gag reflex to kick in?! Interesting.


  • Chariklo

    I'm just catching up with developments, as I couldnt get online yesterday. (Long story.)

    I went onto Youtube and searched for Sparlock and came up with AKMcGrath's and New Chapter's videos. I've liked both.

    What are the chances that they'll actually withdraw the video and Sparlock altogether from District Conventions yet to come? Ours is in about a fortnight. I thought briefly of going just to get a copy, but actually, the price is too high.

  • cheerios

    oh man i couldnt watch it .. i got about 30 seconds into it and just couldnt continue. what utter crap.

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