I am so proud of how we've handled Sparlock!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Thinking of storylines for Sparlock, I'd have him as an 'ancient wizard' appearing in the modern day and trying to impress kids with 'magic talk boxes'... which are really just walkie-talkies. The kids, of course, realize they aren't magic, but Sparlock plays it up and the kids play along because it's fun to pretend with Sparlock.

    Another, Sparlock pretends that he has miniture musicians in a tiny magic box... but it's just an ipod.

    So much stuff we have today would seem like black magic just a couple hundred years ago. Even a cheap flashlight today would be a magic trapped sunbeam in the minds of the ancients.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Those are really cute ideas. Especially the walkie-talkie one.

  • Jeffro
    I would not be surprised if they are not already working on a Sparlock exit strategy.

    Whilst it's almost certain that they won't use Sparlock again, it's not an 'exit strategy'. The series was always only intended to be about Caleb (who also features in The Watchtower).

  • NewChapter

    Billy---I've been working on a longer animation and am looking for some story ideas. It starts out with Sparlock blowing up Watchtower---which most people have already seen that part in one of my shorts---but for the longer one he wakes up from a dream of blowing it up, and had a magic book marked cults which his wand makes disappear----and right now, I just want to take him through streets blowing up WT references with his wand. But that's no much of a plot, LOL.

    I'm learning to play with music, sound, and camera angles---and it's getting much better. I need a voice. None of the voices they have really feel like sparlock---and can sound robotic since they are text to sound.

    IT'S GONNA BE A MASTERPIECE! And we can sell lemonade and cookies and save the clubhouse.


  • GLTirebiter

    LOL with Billy the Ex

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke

    So if Jah hates magic, no wonder he doesn't want Caleb applying to MIT!

  • smiddy

    You have for the most part, 7 old men with little or no" life" experience ,very little or no higher education ,very little or no public relations experience,very little or no modern technological experience, then with maybe a couple of young go-getter youngsters with ambition in the organization,influence these old guys with the concept of an animated DVD of Mom & Dad and Caleb,manipulating a young child,instead of having a boogey-man ,you have" Jehovah" to thwart every childhood beleif/fantasy/imagination/learning/growing,that is imaginable to a very young impressionable mind

    Jehovah`s Witnesses should see this for what it is : Child Abuse ,and if they don`t then the rest of the community should be made aware of it in the loudest possible voice,YOUR VOICE


  • poppers

    I couldn't play with a toy because it had PLASTIC WINGS or a PLASTIC HORN?? Come on!! What's worse is when I did get one that had a horn, my mother sliced it off.

    OMG, Morbid! What an awful thing for her to do and for you to witness.

    NewChapter, I'm looking forward to your next video and watching as your skills, techniques, and imagicnation flower. Gee, maybe I just coined a new word, imagicnation. Whattya think? Sparlock has released children from the tyranny of cult thinking by setting their imagicnations free.

  • Azazel

    I'm so glad that the Washtowel Society have finally gone completely stupid with the "Caleb" character. The old saying Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves has finally come to fruition . For me the "Sparlock" that was trashed was my Dungeons and Dragons collection and my imagination along with it. If God created magic or allowed it to happen then what the hell is wrong with it? My heart is warmed by the adoption of this poor little toy victim of the Governing Body.

    Long live Sparlock and may he be a thorn in their side for as long as possible!


  • Scully

    GB Tirebiter:

    Wouldn't it be funny if the WTS decided to can the DVDs because of our exposure of Sparlock?

    They can't deny they made it--the DCMA "take-down" notices they sent to Amelia Ashton are a legal claim that they own the copyrights to the Sparlock videos. The Watchtower have admitted it: Sparlock is their baby!

    I posted that comment before the DCMA take-down notice was issued. Even if they did decide to can the videos related to Sparlock now, they've gone and shot themselves in the foot with a legal paper trail. I love it!

  • 00DAD

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

    For those that are interested in discussing the broader issues concerning the WT's agenda to indoctrinate children, particularly the very young, I created a related thread addressing the relatively new WT feature "My Bible Lessons". These two page "lessons" which appear in the Public version of the WT about every three months are specifically designed for infants "Age 3 and Under" and their parents.

    Caleb of Sparlock fame made his debut in the most recent MBL.

    "My Bible Lessons" - WT feature for infants 3 and Under

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