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  • bigmac

    hello 7 and welcome. you mention up front about there not being many heated arguments on here---well---i like to think ive caused a few in the 2 years ive been on here. hee hee. just a sh1t stirrer.

    if you dont have any kids of your own yet--think long and hard before starting a family if youre still dithering with the religion. i broke free completely 30 odd years ago--and lost mine to the WTS. as you can imagine--my stance is very hard line anti WTS. i have been known to state my views about elders ms's pioneers etc staying in the service of this cult. but now is not the time to kick off again.

    enjoy your stay.

  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    Well said Siam, it breaks my heart to think about it that way, but it's true. They have put absolutely everything into thinking this religion is the undeniable truth, it's even more important than their family. Thats why most of them can't accept the fact that's it's a lie, it means that theyve been wasting their time and energies on a deception. That's enough to make a man feel like a failure.


  • Nambo

    Welcome sseven inches,

    Ive got 12 inches but I dont use it as a rule.

  • sseveninches

    I envy you.

  • Fernando

    Welcome 7!

    5+7 days, and only early 20s!

    You can afford to take your time and be real thorough. You clearly have the intelligence and communication skills to match or exceed the work of the leading lights in the big community of those who once were under the WBT$ spell.

    Eventually you may choose to leave. How great if it is on YOUR terms!! You HAVE to bite your tongue. And bite your hand too if it starts pointless things like writing to the WBT$ about your concerns. Franzgate in the 1980s was conclusive proof of this. There is nothing more that the WBT$ hates more than "the truth about the good news", although they will never attack it outright and openly for fear of exposing themselves for who they really are.

    BTW the WBT$ teachings, or more precisely rules not found in the Bible, have a name: "legalism", which is denounced in their own publications. It is a woefully long list that goes way beyond "education" and "masturbation"...

    This is simply a continuation of the "experiment that failed", which is also denounced in their publications (use the quotation marks to find).

    By some accounts those who have left or become inactive outnumber the 7 million remaining active members.

    My estimate is that around only 1% of those who leave, become inactive, or mentally disconnect manage to come to genuine faith in the real, full true and unabridged "good news" (about Jesus) first. Although a low percentage, that still makes around 70,000 people worldwide.

    Consequently most might disagree with my biased view: "do not leave the Watchtower (and religion) before finding Jesus".

    Similarly most would disagree with my biased representation of Ray Franz' plea from the grave: "please read and really understand ISOCF first, before reading COC".

    JWN can at times be a brutally tough learning ground, but it seems to have a truly curious and explosive way of empowering talent previously suppressed by religion.

    May you enjoy your stay, and make some really good friends on JWN, whatever direction in life you choose.

    Greetings and blessings


  • sseveninches

    Thanks Fernando. Those rules are one of the big things I hate about the WT, and it makes me regret that I was baptised. It's a vow to the organization, and many don't realize it. If I wasn't baptised, it would be much easier for me to 'recede into the darkness' as they do in movies.

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