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  • sseveninches

    Hi guys,

    I call myself a lurker, but it's really been a short time since I've known about this's only been five days. I discovered this site while doing personal research on the topics of porneia, oral sex, and mutual masturbation, and found a thread on this site about it. Since then, I've been reading all the threads of interest that have been posted between last year and now, and have found some really good (and shocking) stuff. I mention this because although I've been what you might call a "good" JW for the past few years, I've had my doubts on certain things, the most prominent ones being higher education (I'm on my senior year in college now studying engineering) and masturbation, since there's no biblical basis to speak against those two things.

    So while reading the threads, I happened upon one that mentioned the Watchtower being affliated with the UN. I thought that there was no way it could be true, but I'm not one to denounce or quickly believe anything without researching on it first, and sure enough, I found the Guardian article on it, as well as the UN documentation proving it. Right then, my image of the Watchtower being a genuine, spirit-directed organization came crashing down. Since Friday I've been hooked reading past threads to see what more I could find, and I've been in awe, like reading all of the BOE letters, finding out about the secret elder's book, 607/587, 1914, and the "new light" controversy.

    Just as I was finding out about all this information and wondering what to do and whether I should share this information with my family, I was appointed as an MS in my congregation. Couldn't have come at a better time...

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my story, and I find it very comforting that there's a whole community of people who share my feelings. One thing that really surprised me is the fact that there are barely any heated arguments on here, despite this being a community of both active and inactive JWs, among others.

    I'm a confused, newly appointed MS, and have no idea on what I should do, because of my family. If I come across anything new that is plain hyprocritical or just glaring deceit, I'm definitely making my exit though, no matter how my family reacts.

  • NewChapter

    Hi Seven! Welcome! As for heated debate--er--uhm---well you'll find out soon enough. But no, we don't debate over the validity of the WT. We are pretty much in agreement except for the occasional person who comes along to tell us we are wrong about the WT.

    You may find the book Crisis of Conscience particularly interesting. Beyond the UN debacle, you can also read about documented handling of the Mexican brothers versus the Malawian brothers. Shocking stuff---considering the horrors of what happened in Malawi while the Mexican Bros were given a pass.

    Keep reading. Glad you are here. And congrats on making it to your senior year! I just went back to college---love it.


  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Welcome! The more you read here, the more you will see the lies and hypocrisy the organization regularly spout.

  • usualusername

    Welcome 7

    Take your time before telling your family (if you tell them at all).

    There are plenty of accounts on here of what happens when you share "new" things you learn. is a good site also.

    Crisis of Conscience is an amazing read. I think it can be read online somewhere!

    Welcome again,


  • Finkelstein

    Hi sseveninches and welcome to the forum, yes there's much to learn about the lies and corruption that created the WTS.,

    much more that I personally would never have guessed myself since I left the organization in the early 1980's well before the inter-net.

    Quite frankly some the information sicken me

  • Iamallcool

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  • umadevi

    hello! Welcome to the board! Take your time to go through the topics and threads here. Do a thorough research on WTS and it's doctrines. Best of luck!

  • elderelite

    Welcome 7

    I can sympathize all to well with you.... As a "good" elder i stumbled similarly on this site and was similarly rocked by revelations.... Just domt makemany decisions overly quick, somethings cannot be undone. I still serve as an elder (for now) and have survived ;-)

  • sseveninches

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. In this internet age, there's no way that all the computer-literate people (especially the younger ones) still in the organization don't know about these things. I'm only in my early 20s, and it was only a matter of time before I found out.

  • sseveninches

    And Iamallcool, the answer is yes

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