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  • Quandry

    Welcome, sseveninches.

    Please take things slooow and easy with family. Maybe ask interesting questions, to start a thinking process, such as , "I am not sure that I can explain the overlapping generation teaching-can you help me? Hasn't the WTS changed the generation teachings several times? I want to be sure I'm up to date."

    Or, "A person in field service wanted to know why Russell, the first WTS President, was into pyramidology. I didn't know what to say-can you help me?"

  • mouthy

    welcome,,,,I think you may be adding a couple of inches,,or your ruler was broken at the endI am Granny on board. I was in for 25+ years & made 10 people Jws...I knew Glen Howe personally, He knew a thing or two about the WT.... It is a cult.... But if I was you. I wouldnt tell your family else they will cut you off as my daughter has...
    Why>????? Because I didnt & dont believe Jesus came invisably in 1914
    But anyway it is good to have you aboard.... I am only teasing with my above comment about inches....


  • j dubb
    j dubb

    You were appointed as a MS while attending college?

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome! A fade should be easy once you graduate and start a new career. You can find a job and move away. In the meantime, read Steven Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control before releasing any snippets of information to your family. There's a particular way to awaken those under mind control.

    If you want to read more abut the true nature of the Watch Tower, check out,, and

  • sseveninches

    J dubb - yes, I've just been appointed MS while still being a college student. It took me by surprise, because I make no attempt to hide from the congregation that I'm a college student. I'm very close to some of the elders (particularly the ones that would be in charge of recommending me to the CO), and I honestly thought they were waiting for me to graduate first.

    Not only that, but with all this talk of college being evil and it being a reason to have privileges being reviewed, I didn't think it would have happened, at least not now.

    Quandry - that's exactly how I plan to do it. My mom is one of the sweetest human beings on earth, but at the same time a true zealot when it comes to JW affairs, so I need to go especially slow with her. Despite that fact, she'll hear me out whenever I have concerns. My dad is really into reading up on current events on the internet, although he is still somewhat computer illiterate. I don't know how I could get him to "find" that Guardian article that talks about the Watchtower/UN, but I'll somehow get him to read it without looking suspicious. Another thing about my dad - although he is a "good" JW, he's been very open about his opposition towards the Watchtower's view on higher education. Maybe I could exploit that in the near future...I don't know yet. He's also very curious (not in a naughty way) - he discovered YouTube recently, and he's been parked on it for the last few days, watching things like from Bob Marley videos, conspiracy theory videos, documentaries, and people saying why they don't like JWs (!). He might actually be easier to approach...but not yet.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Heya s7"


    So, you were appointed "by Holy Spirit" at the same time you learned TTATT [the truth about the truth]. Any chance you're planning to move away after you graduate?

  • sseveninches

    Hey, Billy (I've been reading your posts over the last few seem like an interesting guy!)

    The "holy spirit" part is exactly what I was thinking about just doesn't make sense to me.

    I actually planned to stay here after I graduate, because I really love it here. There are some other places I'd like to live in though, so I haven't ruled them out yet.

  • factfinder



    I had EXACTLY the same experience you did in finding out the Watchtower NGO/ UN connection and like you I was in shock. My entire view of the organization and Bethel came crashing down.

    But I wanted to rationalize it and for a while I did.

    I recieved from the society their form letter explanation about the UN being like any other government and that they just wanted to use the UN library and media facilities.

    But it did not work. I saw the UN being the Watchtowers "Egypt". I felt the brothers responsible were disloyal traitors to Jehovah and could not believe the wts was making excuses for them ( different forms over the years bs) and not disfellowshipping them.

    I was in shock and so disappointed. I gave up going to this site for a while.

    Eventually I returned and joined this board.

    The information I found gave me an ever clearer view of what is behind the wt facade. By this time I had already given up meetings completly.

    My only relative who is a jw, stopped speaking to me 2 years ago because I refused to go back to the meetings and he treats me as if I am disfellowshipped.

    There is so much interesting information on jwn about the wts and what really goes on behind the scenes.

    Continue being careful about what you tell your family.

    I really like Quandry's suggestion about asking questions to get your family to think.

    Take care!


  • jam

    WELCOME: take it slow, others have mention this. It

    may be difficult in attended the meetings now, because

    you have seen the light your eyes are open.

    I hope you realize there are others here that still

    attend the meetings. Each situation is different. We have

    MS and A few Elders here, still active in the congregation.

    Take your time.

  • sseveninches

    Thanks jam, and trust me, I'm going really slow on this one.

    Factfinder - I tried to rationalize it too, but it didn't work. Eventually I got the thought of how Watchtower didn't even try to apologize or explain how this makes them look, considering that they've demonized the UN since its inception. To me, using UN libraries can be put on the same level as walking into a porn shop. Just think if an uber JW caught one of the recognizable GB members walking into a UN facility nonchalantly. It wouldn't matter if he was there "just for the library" or something more (the person wouldn't know). That person would be in indescribable shock.

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