Please someone, explain scientifically how an omnipotent,omniscience,omnipresent,almighty GOD came from nothing

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    Only scientific responses needed smiddy

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  • still thinking
  • still thinking
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    AAAAGGHHH, still thinking, thats classic I cant stop laughing , smiddy

  • still thinking
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The Great Void ... farted?

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    "How to Think About God," Mortimer Adler

  • OldGenerationDude

    The scientific method isn’t the panacea for every matter. As you know it can only be used on what can be observed and experimented with or on. It isn’t designed to give answers or solutions to everything. For example a woman may request of her suitor: “Prove to me that you love me!” The scientific method is not the means to give such an answer, is it? You need to use a different method to prove to someone who demands evidence of your love. Scientific data will not suffice (try it, if you don’t believe me).

    What if someone comes up to you and demands that you prove how imaginative you are, but demands that you use a slide rule to furnish such evidence. A slide rule is a means to measure things, but is it the right tool to measure one’s imagination? Just because you can’t measure talent with a liquid measuring cup doesn’t mean you don’t have talent.

    Remember what it is like to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses? They demand everyone to measure up their answers to life and science by the Bible. Is the Bible the means to measure how accurate science is? No, of course not. This doesn’t mean that science isn’t accurate. It just means the Bible isn’t the tool to use to prove such a thing.

    It’s the same thing with the scientific method. It’s not the tool to use if you really want answers about God.

    We also need to be on guard that we aren’t carrying over the same need for definite answers that Jehovah’s Witnesses tell people they should demand. The universe is not as “black and white” as they claim. And if you are really a student of the scientific method, then you have to admit that even science cannot supply us with all the answers. Life is filled with mysteries. There are many things that neither science nor religion can tell us.

    Besides if you really want proof of God, why ask such on a site like this? Most of us were Jehovah’s Witnesses. We’re the last people to ask about “the truth” because we all made the wrong decision to join a religion that claimed to be the sole channel of God’s truth. None of us, therefore, has a good enough record to be a reliable witness or what is or what isn’t so. When we were Witnesses we were so sure of ourselves and what we knew, and we were blind to the reality of how wrong we were. Too often, many of us have this same smug attitude that we forget to leave behind with the other false doctrine at the Kingdom Halls. Can you prove with the scientific method that you are no longer capable of being blind again, that you are imune to being mistaken once again with your present view?

    The honest truth is that people make posting like this because may often do so because they are still the same people they were when they were in the Watchtower: some of us have the need to feel superior for our beliefs, to tell others that unless they embrace our views they are wrong, and to turn our belief system into an answer-all font of truth. Don't abuse science like the Witnesses abuse the Bible. It isn't a panacea. Just like someone can't use the scientific method to prove their love for you, and vice versa, neither can the same method suffice to prove the personification of Love, God himself.

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