Scientific reasons for belief in God v moral arguments against belief

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  • NewChapter

    James said: I'll give you another hint this is not a scientific posting board.

    You are far more in the wrong place than any believers are.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Do you understand English is it your 3rd language or something?

    James said: I'll give you another hint this is not a scientific posting board.

    You are far more in the wrong place than any believers are.

    what part of that is a personal attack on you?

    Look up Adhominem.

    Your saying I have only 90 post and how cute is not only an adhominem attack but its condensending.

    Its personal to me. It is meant to demean me.

    What I said was not personal to you, this is not a scientific posting board.

    You said to believers in general to leave science out of their beliefs

    and I was saying to atheist in general this is a quasi Christian board not an atheistic board and

    believers in general logically had more purpose in being here.

  • NewChapter

    Look up Adhominem.

    I did. It said the following:

    Listen crazy lady. Quit putting words in my mouth.

    I can tell why your old and you got no man.

    I'm not saying who has a right to be here.

    I know the person who runs this board is an athiest.

    But logically this board is for Jehovahs witness to network on.

    You were not born or raised in the borg.

    The JW's are a quasi Christian organization. Not an atheisitic organization.

    Why are you here? You were not born in. You came in late in life and you are a scientist athiest?

    You cant relate to someone who was born and raised in the organization.

    Are you hoping the Ex JW's jump out of the frying pan of the watchtower agency and into your fires of hell?

    Its like some of you atheist are trying to recruit. Recruit to what? The darkenss?

    Go ahead and twist what I said. How do you take care of yourself with such diminished mental capactity?

    I say what I say . Dont twist it and interpret it to mean something else to fit your agenda.

    And please before you start twisting read my post and put your little brain in gear before you start typing.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.
    I tend never to start things, but I do hit back harder when I get hit.

  • Shawn10538

    I love how James Brown says, "I'll help you out...:

    Oh really James Brown? Oh great wise one James Brown, can you really help all us atheists out? Gee you must be so super smart and wise. I'm glad you are around to help us all think....

    ...and then he goes on to offer some of the oldest and tiredest arguments for God, arguments that have been discounted centuries ago. Oh gee great wizard of science, you really must be super wise...

  • sizemik
    Jesus has been knocking on everyones door for my lifetime and thru out recorded history. . . . JB

    Aha . . . a scientific reason for belief in God. Just what I've been looking for.

    Any other gems from the lab?

  • sizemik
  • NewChapter

    Sizemik, is your avatar a Banksy? I have a whole book of his street art, and I've not seen that one, but I love it---Banksy or not.

  • sizemik
    Sizemik, is your avatar a Banksy?

    Well spotted . . . yep . . . and I like his style too.

    Reminded me of that line by the cat . . . You will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

  • NewChapter

    Yayyy. I feel so cool right now Did you see Exit Through the Gift Shop?

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