Downloadable leaflet "Highlights From The Finished Mystery"

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  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Oh mein Gott! Ach du lieber!

    I just noticed that both Cedars and processor have swastika looking IP identifiers. Could this be significant? Are they both agents of Satan? I don't know, but they are talking about translating the flyer into German and Hitler spoke German. Could there be a connection?

    Maybe those are just pinwheels...

    Never mind.


  • processor
    Out of interest, does the German version claim that Kaiser Wilhelm was driven by "evil spirits"??

    Not the way the English book does! The English version reads:

    The ex-Czar of Russia was a spiritualist, and maintained mediums for consultation. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, for years prior to the great war, followed the guidance of a demon which spoke to him clairaudiently, urging him to his present course.

    The German book reads (translated back):

    The ex-Czar of Russia was a spiritualist, and maintained mediums for consultation. Kaiser Wilhelm is said to have done that, too.

    Buuut .. at Revelation 7:3 the German book is even more clear. English version:

    Do not complete the Harvest work too soon, and thus allow the demons to invade the minds of men until the appointed time. (Many writers claim that this has already happened to the ex-Czar of Russia, to Kaiser Wilhelm and to the chief of modern "evangelists.")

    German version:

    Do not complete the Harvest work too soon, so that the demons are prevented as long as possible from invading the minds of men and stiring them up to acts of violence. (Many writers claim that demons were influencing the ex-Czar of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm and others.)


    I had to make the font really small to fit everything in. At least you will have slightly more space to work with

    Haha! The German language is complicated. That's why the German WTS publications are printed in smaller font than the English ones. Translating from English to German can easily add 30 % more text.

  • processor

    Hmm ... why didn't you mention that according to the book, Russell's "distressing hemorrhoids" (p. 57) qualified him as a minister?

  • cedars

    For those who are interested, the leaflet has now been updated to incorporate processor's "distressing hemorrhoids" observation!


  • irondork

    Oh, thank God!

    One does want to be thorough.


  • processor

    BTW, I found that the German 1925 edition indeed does clearly mention that "the Kaiser was deceived by evil spirits". I missed this passage before because it doesn't mention his name (Wilhelm) but only calls him "the Kaiser".

  • wannabefree

    NICE! Great work.

    In the box area 'What Did "Revelation Climax ..."'

    The PDF in letter format has a ? in a box in a couple of places, the character for whatever reason is not showing correctly on my end.

  • paladin

    I need the corrected pdf. I can't find or bring up the new one. Thanks.

  • cedars

    Thanks wannabefree - I had noticed the symbols earlier but didn't fix them for some reason. Anyway, now they're fixed so the new files should upload normally with no missing characters.

    paladin - do you want to try uploading the corrected PDF, and will you let me know if you have any problems doing so?


  • paladin

    I am unable to upload the corrected pdf. I need a new link.

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