Norwegian branch up for sale

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  • cedars

    That's okay jookbeard.

    Interestlingly, the overall growth percentage for these four countries combined was 0.57% - well below average. Finland dragged the figure down considerably with its -0.1% growth, which (of course) is expressed in the yearbook as a "0" (or space where the number should be)!


  • InquiryMan

    Some 20-30 will be working at local administrative office. That might be situated at the assembly hall in Oslo....

  • jookbeard

    surprising figures coming out of Finland, where I thought the WTS would have had the least success out of the 4

  • elderelite

    Those 20 or so at the assembly hall will be part time, no hpusing, no food, no medical. Probly pionsneers who have husbands who support them, they will count it as FS time.

  • Gayle

    wow, even the 'free labor of their 'own' isn't worth it anymore.

  • Gayle

    does this bring the branches down to 96 now? who wll be next? just a matter of time. . . . .

  • wasblind

    Hey EL,

    those wives would be better off pitchin' in and helpin' their husbands

  • blindnomore

    It's all business. The publishing company in disguised as a religious orgarnization.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    That account from the October, 1984 Watchtower was truly inspiring. Those Norwegian brothers were undoubtedly moved by an earlier 1984 issue.

  • diamondiiz

    If you had worldwide real estate empire and seen that end idea can be stretched only so far what would you do? Start selling off property and reinvesting it in assets further away from the jw reach.

    Do they feel that they've peaked in sucking in victims into the cult and now it's a good idea to rearrange assets so if major wts shift takes place, JW won't be able to try to take over buildings? If 1914 was to be dropped, or a major change take place how many jws would leave, or a possible lawsuit cause financial burden on wts if they had all the properties laying around?

    I don't believe they're strapped for cash, their book division may be doing shitty so they just print less, but we have NO CLUE how much they've got invested in stocks and bonds and what their dividend is! They could be making millions in dividends each month which may be a better investment than having buildings sit around as the economy is stagnant or ready for a second dip into recession.

    Still in the 80s JWs took pride in their quick builds and their properties as is they were blessed by Jehovah, but now that the growth is gone, they won't miss a sold off branch here or there. If the economy picks up, whenever that is, wts could always buy more land and get free labour to build new buildings to hold until it's time to cash in their "poker" chips. I assume the cult is run by lawyers and accountants where GB have no clue about these matters thus what takes place is in the best interest of the corporation on a business level and has nothing to do with spirituality of the flock.

    WTS entire model was to keep slaves busy placing wts rags and using their slaves to expand their real estate empire and wait for time to cash out. This is the time to do so IMO and more branches will be sold off as you can sell everything all at once. Future looks quite miserable for a lot of old and aging jws who have no savings, children and no end in sight who just may get a little pissed of when the light bulb finally comes on, luckily for wts, many of the assets will be sold off and will be offshore for the non-US victims to try to seize through litigation.

    We're almost at 100 years of JC reigning with no action, what will JW thinking be in the next 20 years of no action on part of JC or what crazy teachings will flow down from wts? Which countries have the best laws protecting cults from litigation is where you want your assets in? Would US fall under that category with freedom of religion in their constitution?

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