Norwegian branch up for sale

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  • jookbeard

    can anyone compile the pub figures/pop for Sweden/Denmark/Norway and Finland please?

  • designs

    You know in Pittsburgh the JWs sold a beautiful KH, right by Pitt U.. Muslims bought it and turned it into a Mosque/School.

    The idea that a KH or Branch could be used for a profitable venture ( senior housing etc.) never crosses the mind of the Leadership for some strange reason.

  • dozy

    Seeing just how angry many of the Irish JWs are at the closure & attempted selling of their Bethel ( still unsold ) , I really am surprised Brooklyn is continuing this closure program. It seems so short sighted & the financial benefits must be relatively small. It seems quite desperate now - it has the feel of a fire sale.

    I was struck by a comment in the latest Awake by a JW in Papua New Guinea who had the following goal....

    " I hope one day to work at the Port Moresby branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses "

    How will he feel when it is closed and the work is shipped off to Sydney?

  • finallysomepride

    How are the bros in Australia going to feel when the Sydney branch closes & all report to Tokyo

    it's possible, hell, who thought the nz branch would close

  • blondie

    I did mention that even if they had printeries, it was cheaper to combine into one branch. I wonder too if the branches are the source of problems for the NY headquarters, too much power. Lots of "full-time" people being dumped back into the congregations. I lived near Wallkill and they went to congregations up to 50 miles one way. With the several thousand at Wallkill, many men, it was not unheard of for congregations to have 12 elders and 70 publishers. There was a lot of conflict since most of these elders had a lot of seniority and their Bethel status. More arguments than normal on BOEs.

    I waiting for the day it is cheaper to farm out the printing than do it themselves...that is what happened with food production at Wallkill and Farm 2.

    I read where countries are facing hard choices financially, I'm not surprised that the WTS is having to sell off properties and turn out Bethelites to fend for themselves financially.

  • elderelite

    Wow great find bats! Sobering to read all the justification and foolishness used to show why it was soooooooo nessary to build the branch, compared to the complete silence on selling it.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Black Sheep >> When these buildings are used according to Jehovah’s will, ...And when they're not????

    Answer: "We don't know if Jehovah wants us to (...), but we're doing it anyway..." (wt August 15, 2012)

    The day will come when the sole printing production will be carried out from China by outside temp workers, by then cheaper in labor than the Wallkill, N.Y. boys. - "It's all about economics, baby".

  • cedars


    can anyone compile the pub figures/pop for Sweden/Denmark/Norway and Finland please?

    Here are the figures from the 2012 yearbook:

    • Sweden: 9,380,000 population, 22,428 peak publishers, 418 ratio publisher to population
    • Denmark: 5,550,000 population, 14,450 peak publishers, 384 ratio publisher to population
    • Norway: 4,953,000 population, 10,989 peak publishers, 451 ratio publisher to population
    • Finland: 5,375,276 population, 18,964 peak publishers, 283 ratio publisher to population

    That's a total 66,831 peak publishers in 4 countries with a combined population of 25,258,276 (1 in 378 overall ratio).


  • jookbeard

    thanks Cedars

  • wasblind

    Hey Blondie,

    do you mean the WTS has outsourced jobs ( farming ) to non- witnesses, while layin' off JW's ?????

    just tryin' to get a clear understanin'

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