Some "Publisher" Is A Rat Here! The Elder's Are Inquiring If I Am Apostate Material!

by Sunflower Samurai 73 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • nugget

    This is the Internet where anyone can claim to be anyone else and motives are obscure. I would deny that you are the one who posted but if you have been betrayed then say you were posing as a poster and your posts were ironic intending to make apostates think.

    In future be careful what you disclose.

  • winstonchurchill

    And to make it worse, by posting that the elders are after you, now you are not just one of the thousands of people at that assembly that day. You have singled yourself out.

  • wasblind

    It's hard to keep in mind, that even when a Witness wakes from the hypnotic trance

    they must now learn how to use their thinkin' abilities which have been restricted

    for so long

    So alot of what they do may come off as stupid, it's because they have not learned

    to think reasonably beyond the WTS yet

    It takes time to learn how to do something you have never been taught to do

    like think independantly and reason wit a sound mind

  • Londo111

    Sunflower Samurai,

    Have you PMed anybody?

    If so, can you list who? That way we could have a list of suspects.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    They're all rats just waiting to rat someone out to make themselves look better or cover their own indiscretions.

    So it really shouldn't surprise anyone that those rats lurk here looking for an opportunity to prey on someone.

    Sunflower Samurai if you want out now's your chance and if not then deny, lie and cry, it should cover your ass or at the very least buy you some time to find a good way out of the mess and maybe weed out the rat in the process.

  • james_woods

    Does anybody else think that we are being spoofed?

  • elderelite

    Yes james i do. That was the point of my post. This dosent add up. Very sorry if my wrong, but this dosent sit right.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    JAMES WOODS- Quite probable. There is NO ONE "monitoring" this site other than an elite few at bethel looking for copyright infringement.

  • james_woods

    What got my attention was the claim that he knew who the stool-pigeon was and knew that they pulled off what he called a "plea-bargain" with the elders.

    Something funny about that - if he also thinks it is an unknown somebody here on JWN.

  • baltar447

    This makes his other thread about notes from the assembly questionable as well.

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