Some "Publisher" Is A Rat Here! The Elder's Are Inquiring If I Am Apostate Material!

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  • Sunflower Samurai
    Sunflower Samurai

    I knew this party was too good to last, some inquiring mind is a Troll (yes, here on JWN we have moles!), I think we have a Rat here! I don't feel like "Apostate Material" and I am not the only one who is going down for this offense! The Troll has made a "Plea-Bargin" arrangement with the elders, his conscience bothered him after he posted on JWN, no way will meet with BOE to entertain their game playing! I can always lie! Wish me luck!

  • usualusername

    It was me

  • palmtree67

    You only have 8 posts. Can you deny?

  • ziddina

    Yeah, as with any "public" forum or chat site on the internet, one has to be careful who one shares their most personal information with...

    As PalmTree said, you've only posted 8 times - did you mention stuff that you shouldn't have? Like your location, your name, the name of your congregation???

    Going back to look at your other posts...

    Or did you PM personal info to someone who seemed WAAAAY too friendly???

  • sd-7

    Well, perhaps indicating that you were posting from an assembly program live may have given them some pretty damning evidence, except that there were maybe a thousand or more people there...

    Hmm. Just acknowledge God's channel of communication, the faithful and discreet slave and the organization Jehovah is using, and you're good. Unless you actually told the spy who you are, you can beat them charges like Rocky, baby.


  • ziddina

    Okay, here's an "oopsie"...

    " From the Bathroom in Santa Maria's complex...."

    You mentioned a location. Since there are only a few assemblies going on right now - they're just beginning, I think? - that was a BAD move...

  • rebel8

    yes, here on JWN we have moles

    But you are posting on the Internet. You could be revealing yourself?

    If you want a little more privacy, post only in the members' only folders & don't disclose any personally identifiable information. If you want to tell a story, change unimportant details so it's less likely someone could figure you out.

  • ziddina

    Crud, here's another "oopsie" - and I'm still on your first thread...

    "The circuit paid for a speaker from Bethel, to upbuild our circuits, two days of his speaking engagement. ..."

    Too Much Information.

    Next time, just say that you're at an assembly, somewhere... If you must mention the speaker, say something to the effect of, "I think this guy's pretty popular on the circuit" or something like that.

    We've seen some pretty solid indications that the Watchtower Corporation has Bethelites scanning and reading all so-called "apostate" websites, and congregational elders have ALSO been known to "lurk" here.

    By the way, posting in "Members Only" helps, but it isn't a guarantee, either. Always be discreet - obscure - about who you are, who you know, where your local kingdom hall is, who the elders in charge of it are, and so on...

    Unless, like me, you've already disassociated yourself and don't have ANYone still in the Watchtower Society that you'd want to talk to or interact with....

  • wasblind

    Do you realize wit a post like that, you are scaring potential posters away

    that may want to share their experience

    Or is it somethin' you are already aware of

    When you point one finger at others, three more are pointin' back at you

  • baltar447

    Yes you gave out some specifics, but unless you're totally dumb, theres no way to prove it. Just say the other poster is lying.

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