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  • tec

    Tec my dear i gotta say.... You thread tittle promised evidance. Something concrete, provable, something that allows for soild belief.

    Evidence is anything that one bases belief upon. So evidence can be bad or good... it must all be weighed. It is not proof, unless it has been tested, weighted, and well... proven, lol.

    I havent seen anything that Comes close to proof. Im sorry tec.... Is there anything concrete, solid evidance, that is "proof"?

    For someone to know personally, I believe so.

    For someone to present to others... nope. Not that I know of.



  • sabastious
    So are you saying that you looked within yourself and determined that God had no beginning? Is that the complete answer?

    God had no beginning because creative force never had a beginning and God is creative force. What you believe to be just particles moving around I believe to be creative force because I have been used by it's creator. Until that happens you will forever reside within the physical realm. I know someone who can at will up the temperature of their hands by 6 degrees ferinheight. They did not wake up with this skill and before they learned it they could not have even begun to tell someone else how to do it. The experience is part of the learning process so when you make a personal resolution to not believe in God because of lack of reason you are forever denying yourself the possibility of that experience. Therefore you will always be left with an incomplete answer from people who are trying to express knowing God to you.


  • tec

    Tammy, if you believe that Jesus communicates with you, then no further evidence is required.

    This is true.

    It is a personal subjective experience that you choose to share. Other humans cannot validate your experience, they can only relate theirs. Sharing involves telling others about your experience and makes the experience more vivid. Defending yourself against the challenges that sharing attracts, can help to strengthen your belief. Opposition helps you to define your belief.

    Actually, I prefer to keep my faith to myself. Treasure it, so to speak. But this does nothing to build up the Body of Christ, and well, I think I am called to do that. To share what i am given, in the hopes of helping someone else who might want to hear, or belong to, or follow Christ. It is why I joined this forum in the first place. I saw a misunderstanding, (naively) thought that if others just understood what I understood, then the misunderstanding would be cleared up, and something that was impeding some from going to Christ would be diminished.

    As well, now that I have been here for so long and see it, I just like to combat the black and white views that some people hold. For a little more tolerance among us all.

    As a Jehovah's Witnesses I spent many years of my life debating with householders and insisting I had found ‘the truth.’ It turned out I was wrong. I can never again know such certainty. Fortunately I do not wish to be certain. I enjoy the freedom of letting go and allowing my mind to come to rest where it will.

    There is great peace and tolerance in this. I was never not certain about God, himself. But I felt great peace when i relinquished all certainty of what I (or others) thought of Him, and simply left myself in his hands, to guide me. I didn't have to be right. And sometimes words get in the way. there have been times where i can see how peaceful a vow of silence would be. Just doing; no speaking. One day (once the kids are adults), I may do this for a spell. It holds great appeal to me.

    I have had many robust debates on this forum and criticized Christians for their apparent contradictions. It is a pointless exercise. I have learned that people will believe what they want to; they will only change if and when they are ready; opposition strengthens belief.

    You could be right. 'Certain' people (as in people who are certain), are often unyielding. And few people change their ways until they are ready, no matter the info presented to them. I am seeing this as well. Hence, the lovely vow of silence idea :)



  • still thinking
    still thinking
    Your argument, Tec, does not acknowledge what humans are capable of. We can do more than take in information, we can build on it. We can CREATE. We can think symbolically. Why you insist that humans just could not have made up god concepts is just beyond me. I am creating a god as we speak. ...new chapter
    Build on what, is the question....tec
    We cannot build on nothing....tec

    Are these not enough to construct a god from our imagination? Are these nothing?

    List of Human Emotions


  • NewChapter

    God had no beginning because creative force never had a beginning and God is creative force

    But where does this information come from? Where was your starting point? How did you know to start there?

  • tec

    Skips onto the last page... (for Still )... to let ya'll know I'm taking a breather. Be back tonight, or probably tomorrow morning.

    Thank you Sab, for your words last page about this thread.



  • sabastious
    But where does this information come from? Where was your starting point? How did you know to start there?

    Ignoring my words only makes them go away in your mind. So, you should start there.


  • InterestedOne
    Superheros have some connection to reality, and the creators add all sorts of far-fetched attributes to them. The fact that people have conceived of these made-up attributes is not evidence that those attributes, or the characters, are real. Similarly, the fact that people have thought of a god is not evidence for its existence. Why do you disagree?
    Because I do not think this is the same thing. This is still taking things that you know... you... and just multiplying, or adding something to. Flying - you know flying is real, and you know men are real... so combining them is still building upon two things you have seen and known.

    Sentient beings who create things are real. The universe is real. Combining them, by imagining a sentient being who created the universe, is building upon two things you have seen and known. Why is the imagining of a sentient being who created the universe not the same thing as imagining a man who can fly?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Add to that list all the Natural Phenomina and Nature misunderstood...... A god in the making.


    Life itself?

    Spontaneous human combustion?

    Fire rainbows?

    Lucid dreaming?

    Aurora Borealis?


    Green Flashes?

    The Taos Hum?

    Are these supernatural? Were they considered so? Add all the human emotions to natural events....lightning, thunder, drought, tornados, earthquakes, volcanic erruptions...etc etc......stir them up and wallah....GOD!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    ooooh...more skipping......LOL

    This is making me feel young again...

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