The "30 Other Lands" in the Worldwide Report - revealed!

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  • cedars

    truthlover - can you be more specific? What problems are you having with printing it? I assume you mean the world map?

    I'm certainly glad you find it helpful!


  • truthlover


    I'll start with the Lands Under Ban map and if I can print that one, I wil try the other

    Thanks again for all your work! A lot of info to be reviewed and entered by you..

    Thanks again

    I am signing off now but will be back on later.. will check back for your ans

  • cedars

    Hello truthlover - no problem, it's my pleasure.

    It's hard to fix your printing problem without knowing exactly where the problem is. A huge link in the chain will be the kind of graphics software you are using to print out the graphic. If you use adobe photoshop, you can play around with the size/positioning using "print options". Without knowing which program you use, I'm really clutching at straws!

    Here is the link to the file itself, the one I think you want. This will atleast make it possible for you to download the image to your computer. The rest is in your hands.

    Hope you manage to print it without too much trouble!


  • cedars

    Here is my new video on the subject, for those who are interested...


  • shamus100

    The watchtower is so filled with it.

    Some of the countries listed are bustling, developing worlds with double digit growth - and guaranteed the vast majority haven't heard of Jehovahs Witnesses no more than the cult of Yahweh.

    Good work Cedars.

  • cedars

    Cheers Shamus!


  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Wow. That was a good tussle! I miss slimboyfat! Great work cedars, I only started on this board after this was posted. LOVE the marge image, good work! This has been really useful to me personally, let's hope I can SOMEHOW make use of it with the missus....

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