Lots of JWs out at tables this morning!

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  • AuntBee

    So, i actually stopped at two different tables that i saw. The first was 2 elderly men - they were so sweet and open to discuss. I brought up the topic of the divine name and why the WT inserted it into the NT with no evidence from Greek manuscripts. They repeatedly brought up the Old Testament, and various translations of the NT, but i kept bringing it back to the Greek manuscripts. (There is a great article on this on www.orthocath.wordpress.com) I also mentioned there is no record of Jesus saying the divine name, although admittedly, He did speak about God's name, as in "hallowed be thy name". I mentioned that In Malachi, the prophet accuses the priests of despising God's name, but this meant they did not obey/honor Him, as it clearly goes on to say they despised His name by offering imperfect sacrifices, contrary to the Law. It didn't mean they said one word instead of another, or neglected to use YHWH. I asked if they are allowed to study the Bible without publications, and of course they said it is encouraged. So i asked them where in the Bible it describes the early church, and wrote down a little study about looking up the word "name" in the book of Acts, to see the name emphasized by the early church, and they said they would. These 2 men had a very different attitude than many JWs i've talked to at my door, tables, etc. They had a sad feeling about them, and seemed to have no "fire" to answer my questions, and were very quiet. They said several times in response to things i said were in older publications, that they would not believe this unless they saw it, but they will look it up. I told them about a man i know of who is now going into hospice, rather than take blood for a condition that could be easily cured. I asked if they knew of the changes about fractions, and also suggested they call Brooklyn if they or loved ones need any blood product, because in the past people have gotten different responses from calling, before stuff was in print, so it could save their life to call, as many believe the policy is in a state of flux. -- They said a sister was coming to take over the table, and she wants to study with me, so i gave her my info.

    The next table was completely different. Two women, elderly mother and daughter. The mother immediately became very irate and hostile when i just calmly asked a few questions, and started walking around, very agitated. The daughter was more patient for a while, and took my info and said someone would get back to help with my questions. Again, i wanted to give some info on blood. You know how it is , she wanted to detour with the dangers of transfusion ,etc. But i pressed a bit, and asked if they ever apologized after changes on their stance. Showed her the magazine pic of the children who died, and said probably even some of them could have been saved by fractions that weren't allowed at that time. She went completely ballistic, and took the paper with my info, held it up in front of my face, tearing it up. CONVERSATION OVER! As i left, she called out that i will die soon, but she'll pray for Jehovah for me. Yikes, i think a few people walking by heard her!

    I mentioned that i was out preaching, contrary to what they say that no one else preaches, but she said it didn't count because it's not door to door. !!

    (and don't scold me for being a Protestant, or i'll never come back. pfff. LOL)

  • puffthedragon

    Good for you AuntBee! Amazing how their true colors comoe out if you do anything other than thank them for the magazines and beg for a study. If it is outside of the box from their platform demonstrations most of them freak out and have no idea what to do. I hope others saw her freak out on you and know to avoid this cult.

    Where was this if you don't mind my asking?

  • AuntBee

    I don't mind Puff; it's in Tucson, arizona.

  • blondie

    Didn't count because you weren't going door to door, so what were they doing or were they not counting the time they were spending at their table? So many jws are not prepared for intelligent, thought-provoking questions and resort to responses that are foolish to other jws.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    WAY TO GO AUNTBEE !!! It is amazing how their behavior becomes so unchristian when they are faced with thinking questions !

  • panhandlegirl

    What is this about "tables?" Never heard of it. Athough, as I was leaving WalMart a few weeks age, this man rolled down his window and started preaching to me. I asked him "Do you know when the end of this system is going to

    occur?' I thought he was a JW and he was. He answered "All that information is in this little book." He then handed the book to me. I think it was the "What does the Bible Teach" book. I looked at it then handed it back to him. I

    now wish I had bought it just so I could see what they said. I did think that was a lazy way of preaching but he was kinda old, 70 years old maybe.

  • Dagney

    Well done Aunt Bee. The arrogance is so sad to me. It's a choice I know, but we've all been there, the dreaded "apostate" confrontation, even Aunt Bee!


  • designs

    The Mexican JWs were out in our little village this morning, they do a lot of street witnessing usually by the Mexican Market where I get my weekly fix of Queso Cotija and Salsa Verde.

  • nugget

    Well done you. It may encourage some of them to think. especially if they do look things up in the publications.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I didn't read all the responses...don't have much time, so forgive me if this has already been discussed.

    If I am understanding you correctly, the woman said YOUR service didn't count because it wasn't door-to-door, and she was counting HER time while merely sitting at some sort of table with literature (I'm presuming), which is NOT door-to-door!

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