Lots of JWs out at tables this morning!

by AuntBee 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • irondork

    Aunt Bee, should the leaders of JWN note an hour of service on your record or do you qualify for 15 minute increments?

    Good Job!

  • AuntBee

    Irondork - LOL, spitting out my coffee! You and most of the others on here have such a sharp wit/sense of humor, even after all you've been through! I so appreciate all the posters on JWN, they have so much to say, and i learn a lot from them all. xoxox

  • wasblind

    The Apostolic way of preachin' was goin' door to door

    The WTS now condones publishers to hang out in one spot ????

    One could view the WTS as pimps

    And if the publishers come up short on their hours, they'll get a good

    talkin' too

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    They set up a table at the small college I attend outside of the on site restaurant. I have not engaged them yet for they probably know who I am but I have never seen these men before in my life. Must have moved in.

  • AnnOMaly

    OK, I kept seeing this thread title and thought, 'lots of JWs out at what tables?' Imagination running wild. Toning tables? Craps tables? Restaurant tables? Bar tables? Glad I dropped by and found out. Funny story about the mother and daughter practically frothing at the mouth.

  • wasblind

    They would be better off at a crap table, same thang, at least they would be enjoyin' themselves

    all this guessin' bout the end of days was nothin' but a crap shoot

  • kurtbethel

    I have seen them set up a table at the Sandy Eggo airport. It was a literature table, like you would see at a fair booth, stocked with literature and a man/woman couple. I also saw one on the sidewalk along Broadway, near the downtown waterfront area.

    Going door to door is nice and all, but Jesus preached at the temple and synagogues. I have never, in over 40 years, seen even one JW preach at a church or synagogue, or even a mosque, nor heard of one that did. What's up with that?

  • Londo111

    Good job, AuntBee!

    Alas, it doesn't take much for the cult defenses to come slamming down in their mind. Hopefully you gave these ladies something to think about, especially in regard the bloodguilt the organization has. She reacted in a classic flight-or-fight mode. She couldn't run like she could if she were at your door...so she fought.

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