Aussie Delicacy Vegemite Loses Some of Its Savory Appeal

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  • LongHairGal


    So, I guess I was doing it wrong and it is meant to be spread on bread with butter. I'm curious. If I ever see Vegemite sold in the States I'll get a small jar and give it another try. Yeast has lots of B vitamins so it must be good for a body.

  • Scott77

    You do not - repeat DO NOT - ever eat the product by the straight spoonful. If you do, within seconds you will not be able to masticate your food.

    OMG! What is wrong here with eating vegemite? Is that vegemite a tooth killer? Are individiduals who consume vegemite through chewing eventually become toothless? If that is correct, then vegemite is entirely a different class of food in its own right.


  • steve2

    You are right to be concerned Scott. In some people, the Vegemite solidifies to an almost concrete like mass that, while nicely preserving their mouth structure, effectively silences the chattering teeth. However, for some, being able to write out street directions in the remaining Vegemite to the nearest Medical Emergency centre is a compensatory feature.

  • sizemik
    Marmite has more of a punch, I am sure it would win in a fight between the two. . . . phizzy
    NZ marmite is still temporarily unavailable and to some it certainly is black gold and yes it is blacker than either English marmite or vegemite. . . . Halo

    Agreed on both counts . . . "once you go black, you never go back"

    Just an update from the Marmite producing capital of the world . . . Sanitarium's factory isn't getting repaired anytime soon. The boys down here are still really into demolishing stuff, not fixing it. Sad news I know.

    Here's a nice pic from the good ol' days anyway . . .

  • Chariklo

    The sight of all that Marmite just made my mouth water! True!

  • EmptyInside

    I tried Vegemite,and it was okay. But,I guess it's an acquired taste. I like peanut butter on my toast,and my Aussie friend thought that was weird.

  • Halo

    Half od NZers too, Charlklo, but beware it is nothing like English marmite!

    I eat any and all of these varieties.

  • steve2

    Sizemilk, I swear that vat of Marmite looks indistinguishable from road surface tar. Yum. Not.

    I guess it's what you get used to when you're growing up. There is a JW connection - although tenuous:

    When I was growing up, my JW mother would always opt for a non-religiously aligned food product, so Vegemite always won over Marmite, a Sanitarium product which at least in the 1960s was Seventh-Day Adventist owned and operated. My mother was not a fool, however: as she got older and agreed with me that all was not as was claimed by the Watchtower, she was known to buy Weet-Bix when it was on special. But old habits die hard: When it wasn't on special, we "enjoyed" the British non-religious equivalent: Weet-A-Bix (I think that's its brand name?).

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