Bethel - the house of the canaanite god El

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    The PIE words for sun and moon were *soh 2 wl and *méh 1 ns, and there were also derivatives from *kand "shine" and *lewk "bright, light". The Proto-Semitic words for sun and moon were *šamš- (whence Akkadian šamšu, Hebrew šemeš, and Arabic šamš) and *warihh- (whence Akkadian warhhu and Hebrew yâréach); the Arabic word for "moon" (qámar) is from a different root. The Proto-Semitic pantheon included, separate from *Ilu (the sky god), the sun goddess *Šamšu and the moon god *Warihhu. The Akkadian name for the moon god was Sîn. None of these use "el" or "la" as names for the sun and moon.

    Semetic root: l.v.h. or l.a.h. or l.v.h.a. = shine, lighten, see carefully and clearly.


    Greek root: λυκ (=light) > λυ'χνος, λυχνι'α, Λυκι'α, Λυ'καστος, Λυ'κτος, Λυκει'ος, Λυκι'ων, αμφιλυ'κη, λευ'σσω, λευκο'ς (=white), Λουκα'ς (=Luke)

    NOTE: [λυκο'φως* (= twilight ), λυκαυγε'ς, λυκα'βας] DO NOT COME FROM THE SAME ROOT AS ERRONEOUSLY MENTIONED IN DICTIONARIES.

    * λυκο'φως IS NOT λυκ + φως. λυκ= light φως=light. light + light ?! Even a 6th grader could understand this!

    Latin: lux, luceo, luna, lumen

    Goth: liuh-ath

    German: lioth, light

    Slavic: luca, luci

    Sanskrit: ruk, roke

    NOTE: I had to use apostr. for accents as accented Greek letters do not appear correct (at least in Firefox which I am using).

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    I did not see Leo insult you, mP. I think Leo has been very patient. I think the problem is that Leo is referencing actual scholars and the scholarship behind words and languages, and those are in conflict with whatever sources you are drawing upon.



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    not quite, true, leo picks scholars drops a name and simply argues they have the authority to decide. no samples of facts no links for us to read a website and see the remainder of the commentary. take a further look, i show and give plenty of links, in this and other threads. she also even uses thats funny as an insult, and then again does not say why or what is wrong. im all for open criticism but show the ideas, dont simply pick one scholar and claim they are the authority. i can show many in return to counter that. to caim religion is not simply personification of the elements of nature is a joke. anyone without my help can see this attribute and summarization in many if not all religion by themselves including the bible.

    leo has completely misunderstood my approach. i was highlight how often el and la appear in languages throughout europe and the mid east.

    another example, el survives today as jehovah, he was merged, conflated etc until most people forget or ignore tge fact he was around as a sepearate god in the mid east. even the jws today might not use his name directly but they still live his legacy. this is the essense of my point.

    we then see silly imho arguements that el in elder may not be semitic, but im pretty sure ask any xian or jw and they pribably think it refers to jehovah the el. somewhere in outpr history this perception probavly helped elder the word stay with us. is it a false friend it may very well be, i dont have the resources to vetify, however the commonness in so many xian terms can only make one think theres a reason or message there somebody like rutherford etc prolly picked elder because of the el.

    the issue of allah has yet to be answered, i await with interest. if allah is not a solar god then what heavenly or earthly power does he symbolise, and why the crescent ? go read up and you will find the moon being vety popular in many middle eastern religions. their calendars are alwats lunar. in the case of the jews they start their days when the sun goes down and when the moon appears. these portions show their own lunar worshipping history. in all history most if not all peoples worshipped the sun, moon and heavely bodies. many scholkars have made this cvomment, tyo deny this is well silly beyond belief.


    Why are you stuck with Allah. Muslim religion is not an old religion and the moon crescent with the star was borrowed from other cultures (Christians/- Greeks, etc).

    Cleopatra's and Mark Antony's twins:

    120BCE 4 drachmas coin from Syria depicting eclipse of Jupiter (Zeus from moon) of 17 January 121BCE:

    (Zeus holds star on hand and crescent over his hand)

    For more images see here:

    Notice the first one: 3200BCE!!!

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