Bethel - the house of the canaanite god El

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Don't be too hard on mP you guys. At least his assertions are bringing out some interesting discussion, about the tribes and snakes and stuff.

    Not to change the subject to the NT, but the Lazarus resurrection story is so odd, not because of any relation to earlier legends, but because it's only in John. Hadn't Luke said that he'd researched everything and was presenting ALL the facts? Then John's gospel is written later with some unique and fantastic accounts. And Paul's writings make no mention of Jesus ever performing miracles. It seems that both OT and NT try to blend conflicting histories.

  • maccauk11

    the name Jehovah did not appear until the middle ages where was the translation of that name prior to that

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    mac: The name "Jehovah" was 'invisibly present' in all the ancient manuscripts. You just need the magic JW glasses to see it.

  • Leolaia

    There is a close parallel to the Lazarus story in Secret Mark, but of course there is a serious question of whether this text is a modern hoax. So setting that aside, the Johannine story is unique but indeed the Fourth Gospel prior to the passion narrative is so radically different from the other (synoptic) gospels. I think this is because while the other gospels draw on material affiliated with the Twelve from Galilee (with the quasi-Petrine Markan narrative being supplemented with so-called Matthean sayings material, for instance), John seems to draw on material deriving from Christians living in Bethany or Jerusalem; the book has a more clear Jerusalem focus and it implies (whether as a fiction or not) that the author's source was Lazarus. Some, following Bultmann, have suggested that the Fourth Gospel incorporates a Semeia Source consisting of just the seven miracle narratives. Anyway one could write a very long list of substantial things found in the other gospels that aren't in John and substantial things in John that aren't in the other gospels.

    There are Semitic loanwords in Greek (especially via Phoenician) but Greek does not derive nor have its "roots" in Proto-Semitic. This perhaps sounds like another "crank" idea...

    Avail yourself with a proto Semetic dictionary. It is not simply a few words that were borrowed.

    Titans fought against the Olympian Gods (Ol-ympian or El). From the opposing mountains included rocks were thrown (βαλλω). Compare 1. With the struggle between the Semetic gods you already posted 2. With the etymology of Balearic Isles in wikipedia. If you don't put the bits together you will fail-as the wikipedia contributor did-to see the common root.


    Now back to the theme:

    Why Beth-El?

    We already have these 'Semetic loanwords?' all over Europe:

    El-las (Greece)





    Al-bion (England)

    El-vetia (Switzerland)

    .... (the list is endless)

    Why didn't the WT use the term Bethyah? Why?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    ELvis = worshipper of EL

    ELves = small worshippers of EL

    ELk = large animal suitable for many EL sacrifices

    Shall we continue this nonsense some more?

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing... aint no doubt about that!

    Leolaia, awesome as always...

  • mP


    i never claimed elders were gods, but to say so or even disregard saying elders are not in anyway connexted wit el is strange. i dont appreciate how a man in a religious role is not in anyway related to the god he serves.

    while your statement that lazarus is a common jewish name that does nothing to show the basis for the lazarus story injohn. not all hebrew names are pure and pay homage to jwhovah even after many centuries of religious evolution following josiah.

    im soorry i find the many different reasonings for israel to be strange, why the lack of concensus, that only shows many are uncertain and making assumptions. the typical meaning and explaination about jacob wrestling is stupid. i think your alternate meanings themselves show this and that is why the give quiet separate distinct alternatives. they are tryibg to find the true origin, but lost in a mindset such as believing in strict mobotheism, makes it hard for some to explore other avenues.


    sure thing, mr watchtower, ill take your statement as dirwct from brooklyn, no proofs or other discussions.

  • mP


    your comparisons are stupid, elders are directly servants of el, its not far fetched to consider a common root. comparing animal names from nth america most likely named by native indians living on another disconnected continent is stupid.

  • mP


    you also forget El and La are common definite artickes in many romance languages , think spanish, french and more. another infiltration is our very own yes which also happens to match ies as in the jesuits or jesus the name of the sun.

    most if not all the gb, must realise the joke about jehovahs oneness, i wouldnt be surprised if they liked to flaunt this right in front of the dumb believers. after all it makes a good test of just how narrow minded and gullible they are.

  • mP


    al is a common root meaning whiteness or moon. al and la are often found in the names of the moon. its no mistake that the name of the muslim god is allah. they tell you with their own symbology, the cresent moon that they are a lunar cult. dig back a bit deeper and one learns that moon worship was very much popular before mohammad. the satanic verses and the tricker of satan into tricking mohammad that god had three daughters who also happened to be former moon goddess of his home town is of course more proof and a demonstration of the stupidity of islam.

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