Prozac Use Among JWs, Bethelites, Circuit Overseers and District Overseers, What Gerritt Loesch Said

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    They ARE receiving Holy Spirit... The Prozac merely enhances the human body's ability to assimilate the Holy Spirit when they're feeling depressed. Wait on Jehovah and he will clear this up in due time...

  • baltar447

    In one hall I attended I overheard two elders, around my age (I'm mid 30s now, this was a few years ago) discussing how they were both on anti-depressants. I was really surprised but I didn't think alot about it at the time. Now it just makes me shake my head...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I hear a LOT about sisters having fibromyalgia problems. Seems well above average. Depression is everywhere as well, and if it isn't just average, it's on the high side of average. Here's what I think:

    We all kind of joke about "cognitive dissonance" and throw that term around a lot with regards to JWs. But I think when that kind of dissonance builds over years and decades, something's gotta give- and it certainly can't be the religion! Oh, no, can't be that, that would make us an evil person (more cognitive dissonance) Ultimately, I think it works itself out into stuff like anxiety, somatic disorders, depression. It would be interesting to see a study of witness mental health. . .

  • NewChapter

    I don't know how much info our personal experiences give us, but I think there is something to this. Most of the pioneers I knew were on antidepressants, and many of the elders (that we know. I think they are more likely to keep that private). Another trend I saw with the pioneers was a lot of OCD. Whether it was this trait that pushed them into pioneering, or pioneering that aggravated OCD I cannot say. But it was pretty typical.

    Depression, OCD, migraines, fybromyalgia, allergies, fatigue (ALWAYS fatigue). These people can't take breaks. They can't get needed rest. They can't even balance a decent diet because they are on the run all the time, and their favorite places to eat en masse are buffet style troughs.

    All these things exist 'out here', but I really think it is not as common. There were times when I would be feeling depressed and anxious and I knew that if I could just get some sleep, I'd probably be fine. But no, there was a meeting or service. There was never any letup! It would feel like as soon as one meeting was over, I had to drag myself out for another---regardless of my work schedule, regardless of the overtime, regardless of how much sleep I got, there was ALWAYS a meeting looming just hours away. Of course, there was the option of just missing. But then I'd feel guilty and wouldn't rest properly anyway.

    Prozac is the WT's best friend. It prolongs the inevitable and allows them to use people a little longer until they are all used up. At which point, they dispose of them and move onto others.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    This religion is KILLING people. I know other religions probably have some doctrine that promotes human misery to the point of death but JW's are who we are taking about. I think that this thread proves that the GB is aware of the path od distructon their theology is causing. Great post!

  • blondie

    Can't see past biometrics post....I remember that mental illness is a physical illness and not a character flaw. Some can be situational but unfortunately leaving the WTS does not always "cure" the problem any more than that would cure cancer. I know the WTS sees differently now in the some cases not labeling people spiritually flawed who take meds. It is more that the WTS impedes people getting the proper medical care.

  • WTWizard

    Why would "the happiest people in the world" need to take medication for depression? That doesn't make sense--40% of those who are "strong in the truth TM are on those drugs. I wonder what that is among people that are unchurched, or that are on the left-hand path. I would expect some, but nowhere near 40%.

  • wannabefree
    Why would "the happiest people in the world" need to take medication for depression?

    There is always a JW answer to justify such things.

    Of course JW's have a higher rate of depression, they are targets of Satan. Satan uses this system of things to attack God's people. God's people are sighing and groaning over this system of things. Since so many are depressed, it proves they are true Christians. The world hates them ... wouldn't you be depressed if Satan constantly looked for ways to attack you and the world hated you? There you go, wear that badge of depression with honor (american english version), endure it, prove the devil a liar.

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