Odd question in July 15 2012 WT

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  • the_raisin

    Fear is one way to keep the flock in line. I agree with those who have said this is their way of saying Armageddon is right on track, scaring their hearts into thinking they are being/will be targeted.

    To be honest, I haven't met anyone, or heard any sort of body, going against the JWs specifically, but who knows...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I wonder if they actually WANT a plot hatched?

    They would just LOVE a stouch like the 40s and 50s USA, riots, tar and feathering, beatings and court battles.

    What a way to reinvigorate the witnesses and direct attention away from pedophiles and othe troubles...


  • steve2
    How low can this organization go,they have no shame in printing this manipulative drivel ,they are worse than the pharisees & saducees of jesus day

    Never forget that today's persecution-invoking drivel is the future's "sacred scripture". Even without one's bullshit detector on, the Book of Revelation is psychotically grandiose drivel from beginning to end. We can thank ancient "sacred" scripture for modeling to the Watchtower how to manipulate readers with "religious persecution drivel.

  • wallsofjericho

    its a cult. they are just reinforcing the "us against them" mentality. JW's , and all brainwashed culties for that matter, eat this shit right up

  • Refriedtruth
    "Speak the word of God with all boldness"
    Jehovah God will "put hooks in their Jaws" and they will then take the bait and go after Jehovah's Witnesses

    If I heard/read it once I heard/read it dozens of times the Watchtower apocalyptic time line goes as follows : At a glance~ A. cry of peace & security achieved by secular,commercial,political powers. B.'peace & security' disrupted by petty religious squabbles C. the secular,political,military powers are provoked that their peace initiative is being ruined by pain in the ass religion. They through "radical militant elements of the UN" {wts quote} GO ON A BALLISTIC RAMPAGE and outlaw all religion yes the Watchtower say's that UN shock troops will come into our towns and burn every place of worship to the ground.They will 'hang high" and slaughter every clergy person. D. after this orgasm of destruction the UN 'shock troops' instigated by Satan will then be outwitted by Jehovah and Jehovah God will "put hooks in their Jaws" and they will then take the bait and go after Jehovah's Witnesses encamped in their palatial tents. They will attack this insignificant minority as these bold kingdom proclaimers WILL STILL BE PREACHING the MESSAGE OF DOOM that the 'door to ark' has closed and you are all going to die! The entire World is now ready to exterminate Jehovah's Witness the one true religion. Armageddon comes and all opposers to the Watchtower corporate leadership die. THE END

  • Refriedtruth

    That was almost a word for word Freddy Franz rant from the mid 1970's I can remember it like it was yesterday.

    My JW dad and I had countless discussions of it,our mouths watering on how Jehovah was going to make it so and how glorious it was to be in the 'truth.

    Been there.......O-kay so am I merciful and understanding of JW's in 2012?

    No so much,as they have the failing 1914 and the internet I had NO alternate sources except a handful of crusty old 'evil slave' class

  • minimus

    tax issues!

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