Odd question in July 15 2012 WT

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You're right James.

    Part of the 1975 hype was that false religion would get their beans first, then they would turn on the JWs. That was included in Sinutko's insane rant.

  • slimboyfat

    Well you know, it has happened before, and is happening right now in some lands. Just because they are paranoid doesn't mean folk aren't out to get them.

    The Nazis did not recognise a distinction between JWs and their organisation. The aim was to crush the organisation and reform Witnesses to become good Germans.

  • designs

    Gawd knows they've pissed off enough governments and human rights groups and they pay no taxes. Actually I think the Society would rather be shut down than pay taxes.

  • metatron

    Easy to understand. Dictators and totalitarian types have these kinds of fantasies.

    In WW2, the Japanese leadership were obsessed with the notion that a great naval battle would force the US into peace. They ignored the clear evidence - that even some of their own advisers warned about - that warfare with the US would be a war of attrition that they would lose..... and step by step, they did lose.

    In Watchtower-land, they similarly fantasize about some great dramatic event like "Gog of Magog" justifying their cult beliefs. Instead, they are facing the same fate as the Japanese military: a grinding war of attrition that they can't win. Lose subscriptions, cut magazines (twice), sell off presses, layoff Bethelites and so on.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    What happened to "Stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah?" JWs ought to be eager to see a government attack the organization, because Jehovah could easily prove that he is backing Watchtower Corporation and has the power to deliver people of faith.

    ... or is the organization scared?

  • Chariklo

    I think they are trying to get the JW's to think that the whole Armageddon thing is on track.

    Ok, so the preaching is world-wide, just as Jesus prophesied. To the ends of the earth, even.

    Now, hey look, tribulation is beginning!...

    Mmeanwhile, locally, in the KH, we've been reminded a lot in recent months that JW's soon won't be allowed to preach, and people were being told to get ready to preach undercover just using their Bible alone.

    It's really and truly happening, it's nearly here, just round the corner, get ready!

  • steve2

    It is indeed a strange question; did the magazine put us out of our misery and provide an answer?

    I'm not aware of any scripture that would support it. While persecution is to Christianity what salt is to pepper, extermination is an extreme point to ponder.

  • baltar447

    JWs LOVE to read into things. And they think the Governing Body shits awesome or something. They REALLY think that the GB has some "inside" knowledge. So when the GB-workshipping uber dubs see something in print like this, they go "Aha! They must know something, we are being warned!". They really think there's some hidden warning in this and that the Great Tribb is soon under way.

  • agonus

    Does the answer involve (wait for it)...

    "Detailed Instructions!"?

  • diamondiiz

    What if? I think it would be great, start with GB, their lawyers and their accountants and work down the chain of command. If there were seven hanging stooges maybe the rest would get a hint and confess to the fraud that they are perpetrating upon 7 million ignorant people. Love to see wts go down.

    But what if, wts feels there is no more money to squeeze out of the 7+ million of uneducated lower middle class and poor and they decide to move large assets into the safe haven, create a false flag event to get the government involved as the top group disappears with cash in their pockets while the rest of jw think it's really the government attacking god's people.... Nah, I must have read too many conspiracy theories. :)

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