Terrible conduct by congregation Elders in hospital room !

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    My uncle was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday with severe stomach pain. (He was diagnosed with colon cancer one year ago. The doctors, family,and my uncle decided against colon surgery. They felt that at the age of 86 he would not survive the surgery.)

    The doctors told the family that he had less than two days to live and to call the rest of the family and spend the remaining time with him at the hospital.

    The family called my uncle's grandson to inform him that his grandfather had less than two days to live. He was disfellowshipped ten years ago and was treated like a leper since. He really loved his grandfather. This is what happened at the hospital:

    My disfellowshipped cousin,his girlfriend and immediate family are all in the hospital room with his grandfather( who is heavily medicated but seems to recognize everyone.) I'm in the lounge area with other family members taking turns visiting. The elevators open and three Elders from his congregation come to visit and spend the remaining moments with my uncle.

    The Elders walk in the hospital room and see that my disfellowshipped cousin is in the room and decide not to greet him. They talk to my uncle and the immediate family in the room for over twenty minutes and decide to offer a prayer.

    They tell my cousin to please leave the room. His girlfriend says to the Elders,"Why should he leave the room? That's his grandfather." They tell her that this is a ''spiritual matter'' and that he has to leave the room. My cousin walks out and proceeds to tell me what just happened.

    I guess the self-righteous Elders felt that if he was in the room the prayer would never be heard by Jehovah or the holy spirit would be blocked! What terrible conduct by the Elders and the WTS!

  • Alfred

    aweful... they couldn't come back and pray at a later time??? they just had to show that they had authority over everyone around them...pathetic...

  • cofty

    Disgusting, their arrogance is staggering.

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Sadly this doesn't surprise me.

  • tenyearsafter

    Hmmm...does that mean you have to leave a meeting before the prayer if you are DF'ed...ridiculous!

  • TheSheppard

    I guess on a positive note, they did take time to go visit him in the hospital and pray for him. I'm not sure I would have asked the grandson to leave the room, but non the less, the brothers were there for the brother that was dying. There is nothing written in the publications that would require a disfellowshipped individual from having to leave the room, in fact, they are encouraged to stay for the prayer when they attend meetings. What comes to my mind is what the grandson’s attitude was. Did he show he was bothered by the elders visit? Was he rolling his eyes, so to speak, while they were talking to the grandfather? Did the elders notice something disrespectful and that's why they asked him to leave the room? Again, I'm just throwing this out there. I don't know how to make sense of why they requested him to leave the room, but sometimes there are reasons behind actions.

    Of course, if the post was only to incite others to hate elders, well, I guess that was accomplished.

  • metatron

    Complain to the hospital officially by registered letter - in regard to what "clergymen" they allow in for visits and their rude, ill-mannered behavior.

    It may not do much other than to deservedly blacken the reputation of local elders. You might first send them a letter saying that you expect an apology.

    Look, if everyone keeps exposing this behavior publically, eventually there will be trouble for the organization. Don't keep silent about it and don't cooperate with it.


  • tenyearsafter

    I think the point TheSheppard is that, regardless of the reason, the Elders have no right to dictate things in a family matter to those "outside" the "Truth". If other family members wanted him to leave, that would be a different matter...but unless, R&R is not posting the full story, I would say these Elders were WAY out of line.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    This is minor. My uncle, altho a JW, was a powerful influence in my life. He was best buddies with my father at Bethel. I don't recall a time when he was not in my life. They continued to deal with me even tho I was in college and prof'l school, voting, dating, the works. I could never refer to those subjects and they never raised the issue. After my aunt died, my uncle was severely ill and in the er. I rushed to the hospital. We had a warm talk. A brother from his cong came upon the scene. It was as though I never existed. I was frozen out. It hurt! And almost everyone here has similar tales.

  • ldrnomo


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